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Extinction Event

Many Scientists believe that dinosaurs were wiped out by a mass extinction event, an event so devastating that not even the mighty T-Rex could survive. A giant asteroid crashed the […]

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By Joel Russell, Client Director, Kelly + Partners

June 14, 2022

What key attributes do you need from your car stacker maintenance providers?

Engaging a great service company can be tricky. There can be unforeseen risks you may inadvertently take on when you select your service providers. Hard working Facility and Strata managers […]

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By Glenn Porter, Mnaging Director - VERTIMAX

May 29, 2022

Will routine maintenance be enough for a reliable car stacker? If not, what does it take?

In most automated manufacturing facilities, machines are maintained 24/7 with extensive maintenance routines, advanced analytics systems, and a maintenance crew available onsite. Car stacker systems are no different; but adding […]

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V-Space Parking Solutions

May 16, 2022

Elevator Contracts – The Ups and Downs

Increasingly, the strata world has significant mechanical plant to look after, from HVAC and generators to car stackers and Elevators. When it comes to Elevators here are a few things […]

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TK Elevator Australia

May 3, 2022

The Importunate of Funding for Common Property Repairs (Maintenance Plans)

Is your Owners Corporation not adequately maintaining their investment? More often than not, this is due to inadequate funding. This will likely affect the sale value of the lots and […]

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Kingsley Osmond, Director, Mabi Services

Did you know neglected maintenance can pose as a threat for the financial future of your body corporate and jeopardises the health and safety of residents and visitors?

Across three continents Solutions in Engineering strongly push managers of Unit Titles and Incorporated Schemes to make maintenance planning a priority. The future of your buildings lies in how well […]

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by Dakota Panetta National Business Development Manager, Solutions in Engineering

April 21, 2022

More than 2.2 million Australians live in apartments

With the median unit price nudging $610,000 – Sydney’s average is over $800,000. Written by Voltin According to the latest research by the University of New South Wales City Futures […]

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April 11, 2022

Quality of remediation pivotal to value of older buildings

NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler has warned strata communities against cutting corners in the remediation of older buildings. Mr Chandler has reportedly described the remediation sector as “potentially being bit […]

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Paynter Dixon

April 5, 2022

Wait Now, Pay More Later

There has been a lot of discussion about record increases in the price of real estate over the last 12 months, but there is a more pressing issue that strata […]

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Lannock Strata Finance

The Difficulties in Roof Replacement Works

A practice note issued by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) in January 2016 clarified that a Building Permit is now required when roof replacement works include common upgrades, such as an increase in fall or batten replacement.

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Terry O’Donoghue, Buildcheck

Large or Small – Could Strata Finance be the Solution?

The use of strata finance can assist strata properties to increase the value of their assets with upgrades to common areas and improvements to the building and surrounds.  From a […]

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Strata Loans

March 24, 2022

Strata Insurance, Made Simple

Strata insurance can be a complex area to understand. You may get asked what it covers, and what other insurance policies owners need to protect their assets. Strata insurance policies […]

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Lia de Sousa, General Manager Strata, National, Whitbread Insurance Brokers

March 22, 2022

In a Competitive Marketplace, How Do You Make Better Strata Insurance Decisions?

Successfully navigating the strata insurance market to make well-informed decisions will increasingly involve making sure you understand more about insurance market dynamics and the particular risk exposures of your building(s) […]

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Jane Evans, State Manager VIC/SA/TAS, BCB

March 8, 2022

Essential Fire Safety for New Builds: Three Key Steps

Do You Have the Right Documents and Information at Handover? The importance of having the right information for your Fire Contractors cannot be overstated! Increasingly, buildings are being built using […]

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Chris Chatham, Sales & Marketing Manager, Linkfire

NVR or VMS for my CCTV – What’s the difference

We are living in an increasingly hi-tech world. Every day new security products are being created and marketed to us, the pace of these new products can be overwhelming. Today’s […]

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Adam Walsh, General Manager, Brave Security

February 23, 2022

COVID-19, CCTV, and Security

The next few months over the Christmas/New Year break are always difficult ones in the strata sector for a couple of core reasons. Firstly, many people are away on holidays […]

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By Colin Grace, Partner, Grace Lawyers

December 6, 2021

Coping with Covid

Strata managers are facing an unprecedented modern-day challenge in Covid. Here’s how we’re working to keep communities safe. More than a year before the highly contagious Delta Covid variant hit […]

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SCA (Vic)

November 11, 2021

Changing communities: embracing Australia’s multicultural strata community

An Original Essay By Daniel Hunt “For those who come across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share”. Australian society is no stranger to cultural change, we’ve even written songs […]

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November 4, 2021

Winning consumer confidence – the importance of partnering with remedial expertise

More consumers are expected to report building defects in the future as the NSW Building Commissioner seeks to bolster confidence in the residential building industry. A recent study by the […]

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Jude Wild

November 3, 2021

Digital Technology in Strata: Building a Resilient Business Model During COVID-19

The advancement of technology has changed the way businesses operate across jurisdictions, industries and professions. This transformation has commonly been referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.1 In the face […]

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An Original Essay by Lauren Jones Winner of the SCA (Qld) 2021 Essay Award

November 1, 2021