Respect Pledge Creating Harmony in Strata

SCA are excited to announce the launch of the Respect Pledge. We welcome strata communities to commit to the pledge, and take the first step in creating harmony in strata.

As the peak body for the Strata industry, we feel we have a responsibility to ensure that both those living and working in strata have a harmonious relationship, and therefore we created a Strata Respect Taskforce and as part of the SCA Respect Campaign, the Respect Pledge has been formed.  

Why has SCA developed the Respect Pledge? 

SCA understands that there can be a disconnect between those working and living in Strata. We want to encourage those living in strata to have a positive mindset when it comes to strata related issues and communicating with committee members and their strata service suppliers. The Pledge forms part of the Respect Campaign that aims to educate those living in strata around the benefits of community living, and the important role strata managers play in creating a harmonious living environment. 

Who does the Respect Pledge benefit?  

As part of the Respect Campaign, the Respect Pledge benefits the whole community by educating them on the benefits and convenience of community living. It allows them to see the advantages of having a strata manager, the role they play, the issues they face, and more importantly, how strata managers are advocating for them and their community.   

It benefits those working in strata by allowing them to be the voice that advocates change within the strata community. SCA and the Respect Pledge aim to enhance the relationship between strata managers and those living in strata through education and consistent messaging around the role the strata manager plays. Those living in strata will come to know the Respect Pledge as committee members sign and take the pledge on their behalf.  

How can I get involved?  

Take the Pledge. This shows your entire community that you support and foster behaviours that encourage harmonious living, respect, and the willingness to come together as a sector and a community.  

How can I adopt the Respect Pledge into my strata community? 

  1. DISTRIBUTE the document throughout your community, announcing and publicising where and when the adoption will be considered.
  2. EXPLAIN why this is important to your community and the benefits it can create.
  3. REVIEW AND DISCUSS the merits of the principles at an open meeting with your committee members. 
  4. SOLICIT INPUT from residents. 
  5. HOLD A BOARD VOTE to adopt a resolution endorsing the Strata Community Respect Pledge. 
  6. SHARE THE NEWS of adopting the Strata Community Respect Pledge throughout your community regularly and activities you have undertaken to build respect in your community. Post on your website, social media, and on every strata community meeting agenda. 
  7. TELL SCA that you’ve adopted the Strata Community Respect Pledge.

Strata Community Respect Pledge

Our strata community supports and fosters leadership behaviours that encourage respect: 

  1. RESPECT. We pursue respect with energy and persistence and are respectful under all conditions.
  2. INTEGRITY. We stand for honest and ethical moral principles and stand united for situational challenges and choosing the right thing to do over the easy thing to do.
  3. INTOLERANCE. We do not tolerate others who are disrespectful, and we will call them out respectfully when they behave inappropriately.
  4. SELF-AWARENESS. We are aware of our own actions and the effect that they have on others.
  5. SELF-REGULATION. We maintain awareness and selfcontrol of emotion, behaviour and decision making.
  6. EMPATHY. We invite the perspective of others and consider feelings and thoughts that may be different to our own. We are compassionate and respectful of differences that may exist between us.
  7. TRUST. We welcome differences of opinion and healthy debate, and we ensure that all voices feel safe to be heard. We aim to build relationships of trust based on mutual understanding for the greater community good.
  8. HONESTY. We are open and transparent in our dealings.
  9. DUE DILIGENCE. We understand the financial, strategic and other implications of our actions.
  10. GOOD FAITH. We act in the best interests of owners and their representatives, and we demonstrate accountability for our actions.
  11. FAIRNESS. We will avoid bias and discrimination, and act impartially and fairly.


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