Benefits of a CCTV Drain Inspection for Strata

For strata buildings, there are a lot of things that need to be surveyed and managed to ensure everyone living in the space is as comfortable as possible. One of these important areas is plumbing – and for good reason. Unlike in homes, blocked drains in strata buildings can quickly become an issue for multiple residents.

Preventing such plumbing issues from happening is the best way to avoid any major faults from occurring – and one such way to do this is via surveying with a CCTV drain inspection. But how do these inspections work, and what benefits do they have for strata buildings? That’s what this article aims to explain, giving you the knowledge to make an informed decision to assist your strata plumbing.

How Do CCTV Drain Inspections Work in Strata Buildings?

CCTV drain inspections involve a CCTV (abbreviated from closed-circuit television) camera being placed down a drain – either a sewer line, stormwater drain, or otherwise – in order to survey the condition of the drain.

The CCTV drain camera is attached to a flexible rod, which is fed down the drain until it reaches the end of the pipe. The camera will then send live footage back to the operator, who can assess any damage or blockages that may be present in the drain.

From here, the plumber in charge of the inspection can provide the results, which in turn can lead to a discussion of whether any further work needs to be performed to remove discovered objects from blocked drains or repair damaged pipes.

When Should You Get a CCTV Drain Inspection for Your Strata Building?

There are many situations where getting CCTV pipe inspection cameras to take a look at a strata building, including but not limited to:

  • Slow or stagnant water: If you’re noticing that the sewer pipes in a strata building are flowing slowly and drains are also moving slower than usual, it’s good practice to get such drains and pipes inspected with CCTV drain cameras.
  • Bad smells: No one likes a smelly drain – and it can also be an indicator of something caught or stuck in your drains. A drain inspection with CCTV cameras can help identify problem areas so that you can clear blocked drains easier and more effectively.
  • Odd noises: While gurgling might sound like a noise typical of water going down drains, consistent gurgling could indicate an issue with a building’s pipe network. Drain and sewer inspection cameras can help determine the severity of any drain blockage that may be causing such noises.

Benefits of CCTV Drain Camera Inspections for Sewer Drains

Sewer drains in strata buildings can often go unnoticed until there is a blockage or backup, which can cause sewage to come back up through drains and into the building – not only causing damage but also posing serious health risks to occupants.

Regular drain inspection cameras can help to avoid these issues by identifying potential problems in a sewer pipe early on before they have a chance to cause any damage. In addition, drain cameras can also be used to locate lost objects such as jewellery or other valuables that may have been accidentally flushed down the drain.

cctv drain inspection stormwater drain

Benefits of CCTV Drain Camera Inspections for Stormwater Drains

Stormwater drains are responsible for carrying away excess water from rainfall and storms, and as such, they are subject to a lot of wear and tear. Over time, such wear and tear can become serious damage that impacts the performance of these drains.

A drain camera inspection can help to identify any potential damage to stormwater drains so that repairs can be made before the damage becomes too severe. This will save you a lot of time, hassle, and money in the long term – while also keeping other residents in the strata building happy.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspections for Strata Buildings Under Construction

If you are responsible for a new building project, then you will want to ensure that the sewer and stormwater drains are properly installed and in good working order. A drain camera pipe inspection can be used to verify that the drains have been installed correctly and that there are no issues that could cause problems down the line.

This is especially important for large projects where there could be a lot of money at stake if something goes wrong. By having a drain camera inspection carried out, you can have peace of mind knowing that the drains have been installed correctly and will not cause any problems in the future.

Choose a CCTV Drain Camera Inspection for your Strata Sewer and Stormwater Drains

It’s clear to see how easily a blocked drain can be prevented with the assistance of a CCTV camera for a drain inspection. The service provided by this small and simple device can save you a lot of money, time and hassle in the future of a strata building.

So, if you’re responsible for a strata property, make sure you arrange for a CCTV drain inspection to be carried out regularly. An inspection and drain clearing might just save you from a very costly problem down the line.

Tunnel Vision has an experienced team of drain plumbers that can utilise CCTV cameras to assist you with any blocked drains – as well as for inspections. Get in touch with us today at 1800 631 799 to find out more about our CCTV drain inspection services – we would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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