The Importance of a Strata App

We certainly see the strata industry slowly adopting new technologies to streamline building operations. Some of these solutions have been around providing new apps for residents while limiting the disruption for the everyday responsibilities of a strata manager.

The solution has been very compelling by creating your own strata app. Whilst integrating these apps into separate payment gateways of the client’s choosing, such a solution has enabled the strata manager and facility manager to keep their existing framework; at the same time, leveraging new technology for their resident and facility management space.

Q1. How has MYBOS responded to such technology trends?

We can all agree that strata management is no longer as it used to be. With high density apartment dwellings on the rise, the requirements and expectations of the strata manager have endlessly only ever been growing.

The power of leveraging smart software has been key in tacking all these issues. Since launching in 2012, we have been working closely with both strata and building mangers in meeting the industry needs.

With tools to easily streamline communication, works order, reporting and much more. Technology has been an integral part and allowing users to make the right decision and better manage their property and stakeholders.

Why do you think demand for technology is increasing and how can the strata industry be improved with technology?

The demand for technology is increasing as strata management is now becoming more competitive in its nature.

There are time and cost savings to be had in better and more efficient management, especially with preventative maintenance of the assets within the property. Proper management of your property can save thousands of dollars in preventable repairs and prolong the working life of that asset, as well as the ongoing running costs.

Our platform has evolved into a mature product which caters to most strata scenarios, helping the management in all day-to-day activities for preventable maintenance, reducing operating costs and having easy access to communication with tenants/owners, strata committees, and so on.

Owner/tenants apps and portals will eventually reduce the volume and reliance of managers in responding to emails relating to routine questions such as bank statements, insurance certificates, plans of subdivision and maintenance history.

How does MYBOS technology support strata managers?

Our technology supports strata managers by giving them access to all the information they need at their fingertips. The platform also streamlines all the preventative maintenance into an easy to use recurring calendar with daily views of due events.

Strata managers also have quick and easy access to text or email a building’s tenants/owners and inform them of numerous situations and events.

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