Q & A with Barry Doyle

SCA (WA) General Manager

A sincere congratulations on your appointment as SCA (WA) General Manager in late 2019. What are your immediate priorities for 2020?

2020 will see the advent of significant changes to WA legislation and regulation in relation to Strata. As such, ensuring SCA (WA) does a topnotch job in assisting members with the challenges and opportunities this change will present is paramount. During the last year there have also been many new appointments in our sister organisations in leadership positions. I know that Alisha Fisher, CEO of SCA Australasia, is determined to find effective ways for the various state and territory organisations to work together on shared goals and objectives. I am really supportive of that vision and look forward to working with her and the other General Managers to achieve that. 

Prior to accepting the position, you worked in the community housing sector. What led you to making the transition to strata titled property?

Having worked in various roles in the community housing sector for almost a decade, I felt a change would do me good. When I saw the SCA (WA) job advertised I jumped at it. My passion is housing, and urban development and I love working for membership organisations having headed up the WA community housing peak body for several years. The Strata industry is a key player in the creation of liveable cities and progressive urban development, so I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to manage SCA (WA).

Previously, you worked in leadership positions at Foundation Housing, Community Housing Coalition of WA and the Community Housing Industry Association. What personal and professional attributes from these experiences do you intend to bring into your new role as SCA (WA) General Manager?

I think the main thing that those positions have provided me with is a good sense of what industry associations need to do to serve their members. Members want to be heard in terms of the services they need, and a good GM will make sure they have their finger on the pulse of member sentiment. But they also want leadership and passion for the cause. Working in with the SCA board, that is what I intend to provide. 

Given your strong background in policy and government relations, what are the main legislative changes you’ll be pushing for this year for the benefit of those who live and work in strata?

The new legislation and regulations will come into effect in 2020. There are a couple of issues with the regulations that SCA (WA) would like to see addressed before they are finalised, and we are working through that. Beyond that, we are watching with interest to see how government responds to a recent parliamentary inquiry and report into Short-term rentals in WA given the issue’s impact on Strata schemes.

Where do you feel Western Australia is leading in strata reform and where do you hope to see more improvement in 2020 and beyond?

 The fact that the legal and regulatory environment in WA affecting Strata has been given a Spring clean is a good thing. Several provisions in the new Act will, in my opinion, benefit existing and prospective lot owners and were long overdue. SCA (WA) maintains its view that more needs to be done to improve education standards in the industry for the benefit of all stakeholders. We will continue to be vocal in that space.

For those who haven’t met you, what’s one thing they should know about you?

 I try not to rush to judgement about people, places or things. And think we all should all do the same.

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