Paynter Dixon Remedial Completes Re-cladding Project in the Sydney CBD

Paynter Dixon Remedial is one of the first companies in Sydney to complete a re-cladding project under the new laws that came into effect on 22 October 2018.

Under the new laws, a Development Application was required, and the remedial team at Paynter Dixon managed this process on behalf of 27-33 Wentworth Avenue, owned by Tucker Box Hotel Trust. The re-cladding work commenced in March 2019 on the 19-storey Travelodge Hotel and all works were completed in November 2019.

The hotel remained completely weatherproof and fully operational (views were not obstructed, and guest impact was kept to a minimum) during the removal and installation of the panels that required re-cladding. This complex project required innovative solutions during the 10-month work schedule, with extensive custom-made B-class hoarding installed on three sides of the hotel to maintain safe access for pedestrians and truck movements throughout the project. Restricted work hours on weekdays were in place to allow normal hotel operations to continue without interruption.

A 10 metre swinging stage was erected on Level 19 to allow safe access to the external façade and supports were in situ on the top level to protect the roof top plant and tanks.

All the new panels, including some custom radial capping panels, were cut to size and manufactured off site and moved to site for installation. The unique structure made scaffolding a challenge and many safety strategies were put in place to mitigate risk.

The project included the removal of all existing framework to the masonry walls and installation of new engineered frames and sarking prior to re-cladding being undertaken. The new cladding system consisted of 3mm thick aluminium panels fixed to framework and sealed.

Extensive water testing was also carried out around the retained windows during the project, with external consultants engaged to witness test and inspect the works during construction.

Importantly, the hotel did not lose any rooms from inventory during the project.

Paynter Dixon Remedial is proud to say that all works were completed on the project within programme timeframe.

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