In Real Time: The Demand for Better Communications

66% of strata owners replied: they would prefer a new strata manager.

Our cities are going vertical and in New South Wales alone, over 2.5 million people live or work in a strata property. We surveyed strata owners and a staggering 66% would prefer new strata management representation.

In 2019, the Sydney Mascot Tower, cladding and building defects have triggered alarms bells for every apartment owner and potential buyer. Are we next?

Residents of the Sydney Opal Tower for nine months heard cracking noises in the walls but didn’t know who to contact and report the issue. Owners were sent to a local hotel to register their details and created a Facebook page to connect with other anxious owners and occupants.

How is it possible with everyone having smart phones, that owners and occupants are not kept up to date with their strata issues?

The top 5 reasons why 66% of owners surveyed would prefer a new strata manager: 

• 86% lack of transparency 

• 73% poor communication skills 

• 21% inadequate understanding of strata laws 

• 14% lack of experience 

• 8% lack of qualifications

They are incredible results and a warning shot to all strata managers. Being a highly skilled strata manager and up to date with strata laws will never be noticed with poor communications skills and lack of transparency.

A lack of transparency and inefficient communication results in: – Residents wasting time reporting similar issues

– Nobody is aware of strata issues that impact their health, safety and lifestyle

– No easy access via web or app to their strata issues – No real time alerts and electronic voting online

Millions of Australians have weather apps, but nobody can change the weather. Likewise, there will always be strata issues, but relying solely on old communication techniques like emails, calls or flyers is not sustainable.

Strata Alert® won Australia’s most prestigious smart city award in September 2019. The Committee for Sydney “Best Emerging Idea” on top of being recognised by Westpac as a Business of Tomorrow Top 200 winner. Strata Alert® also received grants from the New South Wales Government and worked with the City of Sydney, enhancing the platform focusing on social connections for residents in vertical buildings.

If you want to win your next pitch as a strata manager, offer owners what their existing strata manager cannot: their own strata app with all their property rules, instant up to date messaging, groups, electronic voting and chat feature. WOW, that is better than emails and flyers.

Strata Managers will assist their owners if they can keep them up to date with property rules, instant messaging, creating groups, electronic voting and providing a chat feature to have owners communicate together.

Strata laws impact owners but more importantly all the occupants. Strata Managers should fulfil their obligations by sending instant messages to every occupant in real time.

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