SCA (ACT) CHU 2022 Strata Community Awards

Support Team Member Award

Winner: Jane Waslin, LJ Hooker Strata (ACT)


Aislinn Clifford, Bright & Duggan (ACT) 

Judy Farrelly, LJ Hooker Strata (ACT)

Vicky Sheldon, Bright & Duggan (ACT)

President’s Award

Sponsored by Arthur J. Gallagher

Winner: Steve Wiebe, Bridge Strata

Professional Commitment to Service & Ethics Award

Sponsored by Level Plumbing 

Winner: Jan Browne, Bridge Strata

Essay Award

Winner: Tarnee Lamb, Independent Strata Management 


Dorothy Dib, LJ Hooker Strata (ACT) 

Konika Elphick, First Choice Strata

Nicole Robb, Signature Strata

Strata Community Manager Rising Star Award

Sponsored by Maritex 

Winner: Sheldon Boger, Independent Strata Management 

Finalist: Emily Duncan, Vantage Strata

Strata Community Manager Award

Sponsored by Lannock Strata Finance

Winner: Heather Seagrove, Signature Strata 

Finalist: Amal Joseph, Independent Strata Management

Senior Strata Community Manager Award

Sponsored by Water Tight Canberra

Winner: Brittany Durand, Vantage Strata


Abby Vincent, Vantage Strata

Kirrilly Gregerson, Vantage Strata

Nina Cannell, Signature Strata

Strata Services Business Award

Winner: Strata Energy Services Pty Ltd

Strata Community Management Small / Medium Business Award

Sponsored by BCB

Winner: Signature Strata

Finalist: LJ Hooker Strata (ACT)

Strata Community Management Large Business Award

Sponsored by QIA Group

Winner: Vantage Strata

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