SCA (SA/NT) CHU 2022 Strata Community Awards

Strata Community Manager Award

Sponsored by Ken Hall Plumbers 

Winner: Ashleigh Teigesser, Strata Data

Essay Award

Sponsored by QIA Group

Winner: Jason Nash, Munro Property Group Inc

Senior Strata Community Manager Award

Sponsored by HP Insurance and Maintenance Works

Winner: Tony Johnson, Stratarama Pty Ltd

Support Team Member Award

Sponsored by Fire & Emergency Services SA 

Winner: Sarah Branch, Strata Data

Strata Services Business Award

Winner: Fire & Emergency Services SA

Strata Community Management Medium Business Award

Sponsored by Savant Energy

Winner: Horner Management

Strata Community Environmental & Engagement Award

Sponsored by Strata Community Insurance 

Winner: Joshua Baldwin, Munro Property Group Inc

Strata Community Management Large Business Award

Sponsored by CHU Underwriting Agencies

Winner: Strata Data

Strata Community Management Small Business Award

Sponsored by BCB

Winner: Stratarama Pty Ltd

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