President / CEO Report – Spring 2023

This edition of Inside Strata brings you expert insights and the latest updates from our dynamic and thriving sector. At this time of year, teams across all regions are working extremely hard behind the scenes, getting prepared for all the annual conventions and awards nights that have started.

We congratulate the winners at the recent NSW awards and acknowledge all finalists who are continually aiming towards excellence. Each year we see a range of new entrants who have worked closely with their team members and communities to improve customer satisfaction and increase the value of using a strata manager who are educated and experienced with a wealth of knowledge.

Education and skill enhancement have been a pivotal area of focus in recent months. Our ongoing webinars, workshops and training sessions across all SCA chapters continue to empower our membership, along with strata owners, equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively navigate the strata landscape. We know that through the mechanism of education, we can continue to raise the bar of professionalism and standards of our industry.

We have continued our structured dialogue with government and stakeholders in all jurisdictions, ensuring that the unique needs and interests of the strata sector are protected, heard, and addressed at all levels. We have noticed a measurable increase in the amount of interest in strata sector issues and initiatives across both Australia and New Zealand, and we are determined to continue ringing the bell and drawing attention.

Nationally, the ANZSCO (Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations) re-classification process has been a core focus for our team. Through extensive contribution to the government consultative process, including verbal feedback and written submissions, we hope to be re-classified into our own occupational group as of next year. The importance of this classification cannot be understated, and will be a significant step in the journey towards the professionalisation and regulation of our burgeoning industry.

Notably, we are very close to the release of our strata insurance best practice guides, which will prove to be an invaluable resource for members and consumers alike. With the continuing discourse surrounding strata insurance commissions in the context of a cost-of-living crisis, we are hopeful that the information provided in the guides, particularly as it pertains to our heightened focus on disclosure, will address any and all public concerns moving forward.

Thrive at Work Business Survey

Our members have been invited to register their business to take part in the Thrive at Work Survey, a partnership between SCA and Curtin University’s Future of Work Institute. Strata employees are at the coal face of some of the biggest issues affecting strata residents and owners in Australia. The aim of the Thrive at Work project is to gain insights into the unique work aspects of strata employees and the effects these have on mental health and wellbeing across the sector. The survey questions are set the same for all and very easy to complete. A business just needs to set up their own company link for their team members to complete for their own company dashboard and to share amongst themselves to work towards thriving in their workplace.

The aggregated data will enable the SCA to make strategic and data-driven decisions around the provision of support, education, and advocacy to workers in the sector.

Taking the Pledge

With the engagement at the Australia and New Zealand Conference in Darwin and the recent Victoria Symposium, it is wonderful to see a portion of the membership, who are strata management firms and suppliers, advocating for respectful, harmonious, community living. By committing to the pledge, our members have taken a step in the right direction to ensure everyone in strata has a voice, feels listened to, respects others, and is committed to a set of behaviours that encourages a respectful community environment.

We are continually highlighting all our members across our social media who have taken the pledge.

Australasia Strategy

With the 2021–2023 Australasia 3-year strategy about to come to an end, SCA is using this time to reflect on our journey so far, and prepare for the coming future.

This quarter, national board members together with region presidents and region managers have come together over a series of sessions, in order to craft our new, transformative 3-year plan. This plan will present a comprehensive roadmap of how we as an organisation aim to shape the future of the strata management industry, and position our organisation as a catalyst for positive change.

By identifying our strengths, weaknesses, future challenges and opportunities, we are able to identify the key areas where our impact can be best felt, and most effective in driving growth. It will continue building on our focus of professionalism and education, and it will enable us to include additional goals that may arise in the next 3 years in such a quick growing industry.

As we march ahead, we are excited to navigate the journey together.



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