Retrofit your building without any capital investment

No capital. No need to raise owner levies. Challenge solved.

Smart Urban Properties Australia (SUPA) recognise the challenge owners corporations and building managers have in maintaining and improving their buildings for residents and owners – especially in this climate of heightened cost of living and capital scarcity.

Whether it’s having to upgrade or replace critical infrastructure, plant and equipment, provide new amenities or deliver new services to ensure resident satisfaction and occupancy, owners corporations just can’t do it all while bills keep rising.
However, to improve building attraction and valuation for owners, they are expected to.

At SUPA, our purpose is to improve the lifestyles of the communities that we serve.
So, we’re on a mission to solve these challenges for owners corporations, and consequently their strata communities, with these innovative offerings.

Introducing Energy Plus+. Designed for strata communities.
An integrated, modular and extensible suite of capital invested, managed services that increase building attraction, valuation and experiences for owners corporations.

Delivered without having to invest any capital whatsoever (or having to raise owner levies), the community can gain access to the following: least-cost energy including renewables, EV charging, security systems, access controls, intercom, CCTV and video management, hot water systems, building automation, smart living and super-fast broadband services for all common areas and residential lots.

These services can be uniquely tailored to the needs and requirements of each property. See our most popular combinations below:

  • Energy+EV: Retrofitting and funding EV charging infrastructure in your building, including options for e-bikes and e-scooters together with discounted energy, including renewables.
  • Energy+Sustainability: Investing in embedded renewable energy generation and storage systems, with energy usage and carbon emissions reporting for your building alongside discounted energy, including renewables.
  • Energy+Security: Upgrading your building’s security with next generation security systems, access controls, smart locks, CCTV and licence plate recognition technology.
  • Energy+Hot Water: Upgrading your building’s hot water with next generation hot water systems, including electrification of existing hot water systems and discounted energy, including renewables.

Introducing Technology as a Service (TaaS) subscription-based upgrades

TaaS is designed for owners corporations that prefer to raise or preserve their capital.
If you need to upgrade or replace your security system, we offer a fully managed subscription service for owners corporations using TaaS where we remove, replace, operate and maintain the new security system for the preferred term of the owners corporation.

We’re committed to providing services to suit every budget and situation, which is why we offer flexible payment options such as five and ten-year payment plans. You can also tailor your TaaS to suit your building’s unique requirements, so you’ll never be paying for more than you need.

Let SUPA improve your building while reducing energy costs for your community today.

Ready to find out more?  Contact us via the website or email us at:

No warranties, promises and/or representations of any kind, express or implied, are given as to the nature, standard and accuracy or otherwise of the information provided nor to the suitability or otherwise of the product to your particular circumstances. The supply of the product is subject to EnergyPlus+ terms and conditions.

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