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Not only does a fresh coat of paint improve the look of a strata building, a quality paint job also provides a protective barrier between the elements and the building itself. We sat down with Anthony Conway, Manager at Premier Painting Company, to discuss remedial painting works and the importance of a regular maintenance program.

Q: What are the common remedial and repair problems that Premier Painting deals with and how can these be managed better? 

A: The most common remedial repairs are patch render repairs caused by water ingression. As more and more buildings are finished with a render coating only, a small amount of moisture ingression can cause render to crack and delaminate. These can be managed better with regular inspections and maintenance programs; therefore, picking up small issues before they become larger problems.

Q: How often should strata managers consider maintenance works to keep multi-residential buildings in good condition?

A: I think all strata buildings should have an annual maintenance program in place to keep things in good shape and for early identification of potential issues.

Q: What remedial services does Premier Painting offer and how can strata managers request a quote from you?

A: At Premier Painting, we offer the complete range of remedial repairs, including repair and replacement, renewing and replacing expansion joints, wood replacement and repairs, plus building wash downs. You can obtain a quote simply by visiting au to request a site visit.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: It’s important to do your homework on the painting company you use. You must check out their testimonials, references, experience with similar projects, length of time in the industry and so on before engaging them.

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