Smarter Communication and Business Management Within Your Strata Block

As strata management becomes ever more expansive, so does the need for technology to streamline the process. 

Reducing outgoing costs and cutting back on wasted resources is the best way to simplify facilities and build on management services, something that should be considered by all strata boards in today’s economic climate. 

MYBOS Managing Director Sam Khalif said there has been an increase in the use of technology in the industry, with no sign of slowing down. 

“We see higher levels of efficiency and effective strata management in companies that choose to integrate technology into their day to day processes,” Mr Khalif said. 

“There is no surprise that the demand for a streamlined management software system is increasing, particularly in a world where every day there is a push for digital solutions in all facets of a business.” 

A challenge that many in the industry face is ensuring a positive communication experience between management and tenants. In many cases, this relies on old school processes that are inefficient and lack the personality needed to break through clutter.  

“We see so often strata managers suggesting they need a faster means of reaching their tenants with targeted messaging. When we were developing MYBOS, we considered all aspects of the property management process and encapsulated it into one program,” Mr Khalif said. 

“I think it is always about listening to and understanding what your clients need. Making necessary changes as the industry evolves will keep you relevant.” 

To learn more about how MYBOS’s features can help you with communication and facility management, start your free trial. Find our website details below.

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