Better Done than Perfect

The adage “Better Done than Perfect” holds significant value, particularly when coupled with the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Leveraging AI to Enhance Strata Management Communication and to Reduce Stress

My last articles were Psychosocial Hazards and stressors in the workplace, and AI – Take the First Steps. We have all experienced the anxiety and stress of having to respond to an ‘Uncle Fester’ client and where you need to take time to get in the right frame of mind, then find time in silence to read their 40 page harangue on whatever issues have revolved around their world, and then worry about getting your response ‘right’ and appropriate (and probably not getting paid for the work).

Today we have Generative AI (ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, YouChat, DALL-E, Jasper) that will respond to your ‘prompt’ and write a reply to Uncle Fester’s War and Peace email. For example, and once your “base prompt” has been entered, you would write something like ‘I want you to review the 40 page email below from a lot owner, reduce to 4 issues and respond to those 4 issues’. You will then receive an AI response within seconds that you can quickly review and send.

It is simply more than a time saver, it reduces your stress levels at work.

The Strata Manager’s Dilemma: Balancing Time and Accuracy

Strata Managers face a constant challenge: striking a balance between prompt responses to client enquiries (pun intended) and ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the information provided. This delicate equilibrium is often disrupted by the sheer volume of emails and the complexities of strata-related matters.

The pursuit of perfection in every response can lead to delays and frustration for both Strata Managers and clients.

Practical Tools

With a detailed and accurate “base prompt” your AI responses can be relevant and on-point, rather than mediocre. Think of AI as your personal assistant and you need to provide clear instructions of their role. I use BRIGHT:

Brand: (company name and what they do) “You work for a mid sized strata management company in (x State) named (Strata XX),

Role: (what is your role and what do you want AI to do) you are a Strata Manager with over 15 years advanced experience and you are to provide responses to emails received from clients,

Instruction: (what is the task and what I want done) I want you to respond to the following email,

Goal: your response is to be short, courteous and to the point without extra verbiage,

How: read their email and select up to 4 salient points and respond to those salient points,

Target: (who is the audience) typically lot owners are not highly knowledgeable in strata matters and the response should be at a ‘reasonable person’ level”

Next level AI: Communication Empowerment Tool

AI offers a further solution to this dilemma, empowering Strata Managers to achieve both time efficiency and effectiveness in their communication by:

  1. Automate Routine Responses: AI-powered chatbots can effectively handle routine enquiries, such as those related to strata rules, by-laws, and common area maintenance.
  2. Provide Personalised Responses: AI algorithms can analyse email content and identify key information, enabling them to generate personalised responses tailored to each enquiry. This level of care and attention can significantly enhance client satisfaction.
  3. Ensure Accuracy and Completeness: AI tools can cross-reference relevant strata documents, regulations, and past communication history to ensure responses are accurate, complete, and consistent.
  4. Identify Urgent Matters: AI can scan emails for keywords and patterns that indicate urgent or critical issues, prioritising time-sensitive matters for immediate attention.

A Better Done than Perfect mindset encourages Strata Managers to:

  1. Accept Imperfections: Recognise that perfection is an unrealistic pursuit and embrace the possibility of making mistakes along the way, with the ability to refine.
  2. Seek Feedback: Actively seek feedback from clients and colleagues to identify areas for improvement in email communication.
  3. Embrace Continuous Learning: Stay up-to-date with advancements in AI-powered communication tools and explore new ways to integrate AI into Strata Management practices.

Conclusion: AI is the ‘Perfect’ tool

When coupled with a ‘Better Done than Perfect’ mindset, AI can transform Strata Management communication by automating routine tasks, providing personalised responses, ensuring accuracy and completeness, and identifying urgent matters.

As AI technology continues to evolve, its role in Strata Management is poised to expand further, driving new levels of communication excellence and setting a new standard for Strata Management success.

Wal Dobrow is certified by Microsoft in AI Fundamentals using the Azure platform, and as expected, some of the above material was generated by AI, and then refined by the author.

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