Australia’s Largest Independent Local Utility Network Provider

On 20 September 2023, PATRIZIA Infrastructure acquired a 100% stake in Active Utilities on behalf of Australian superannuation fund client, Prime Super.

This acquisition sees PATRIZIA Infrastructure manage Australia’s largest independent embedded network platform, bringing together the ownership of Active Utilities and Savant Energy.

Partnering with Active for your building’s utility solutions has always ensured that the operational activities are always in the best interests of the building. Our merging with Savant will help Active to extend this offering into South Australia, where Savant is the leading provider, and nationally into the retirement sector which has been a key focus for them for many years.

With over 17 years’ experience and almost 85,000 meters managed across over 900 buildings nationwide, you’re connecting to vast experience. We’re undeniably solid and secure, we’re also nimble, pro-active, and absolutely customer focussed.

Being Australia’s largest independent provider means that we deliver great depth across our solutions, so you’re also connecting to great strength and stability, providing solutions to complex building needs beyond simple utility billing. You see, it’s not just utilities and billing that we supply, we also supply your building with much greater efficiency, ongoing savings, and world class sustainability solutions.

We’re future-focussed, too. As the world evolves into an all-electric future, we can give you a building from the future, today. Complete with fully optimised operations that add value at every flick of a switch, and every touch of a button.

Partnership, not Paycheque

The clear difference in the Active partnership approach to your building is our ability to design flexible solutions to meet your needs and those of the building. Developed over many years and in response to the different needs expressed across the buildings we manage nationally; Active solutions are capable and smart. Transparent, insightful, and with the simplicity offered from a single partner across all of your utility needs; that’s what you’re connecting to with Active.

Local Energy Networks

Local Energy Networks are private networks for electricity, sometimes known as embedded networks or community energy networks. These networks are often controlled by third parties with none of the benefit going to the building or residents.

Local Water Networks

Local Water Networks are private networks for hot water and exist where the hot water supply is from a centralised hot water plant. These can be gas or electric and the supply is metered to measure consumption. These networks can also sometimes be used for cold (potable) water.

Local Air Networks

Local Air Networks are private networks for air-conditioning, where the mechanical heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) is supplied by a centralised plant and not from equipment in each apartment.

Sustainable Solutions

Our support for buildings doesn’t stop with the provision of Local Utility Networks. Active works with all buildings, not just those with Local Utility Networks, to deliver sustainable products and solutions that will keep you at the forefront of the transition.


In a changing world dominated by the energy transition, many existing buildings will be making plans to remove gas from their services and move to fully electric service such as hot water provision. Transitioning your gas hot water plant to an electric heat pump solution can be complex and expensive. We’ll help you from end-to-end and support you with flexible funding options for your installation costs.


Adding solar to your building will create additional value in your Local Energy Network or help reduce energy costs for common property in other buildings. As the partner most interested in delivering value to you, Active will design and install a solar solution for your building and provide flexible funding options for installation costs.

EV Charging

As the move to electric vehicles (EV) accelerates over the coming years, many buildings will need to find options for providing EV Charging to residents. Active will help you connect, investigate your options, help plan your design and installation, and support you through the transition technically and financially.

Batteries & Storage

As the energy transition leads to increasing electrification of buildings, understanding your options to include batteries and storage solutions as part of your solar, EV Charging or electric hot water installation will be critical. With a deep understanding of technologies and solutions, Active will be there to connect your future needs.

Flexible Financial Models

The key to our solutions is our ability to create flexible financial models to suit your needs. Lower rates? Financial Returns? Active will deliver.

So, with Active, you’re not just connecting to a supplier. You’re connecting to capability. We’re here to help, so whatever stage you are at in your utility lifecycle, drop us a line at and we’ll help get you to where you need to go.

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