Winning consumer confidence – the importance of partnering with remedial expertise

More consumers are expected to report building defects in the future as the NSW Building Commissioner seeks to bolster confidence in the residential building industry.

A recent study by the NSW Building Commissioner and Strata Community Australia found that 39% of nearly 500 strata buildings surveyed in the state contained serious defects, but only 15% were reported to Fair Trading.

According to NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler, Fair Trading has hired new staff and introduced more compliance checks to improve handling of complaints and tackle building issues.

So, how can strata communities proactively manage risk in this changing landscape? The most effective strategy is one that integrates remedial expertise at an early stage.

Partnering with Paynter Dixon

Paynter Dixon’s remedial expertise is built on more than 100 years of experience in the building industry. Our specialist team partners with clients through the entire project, tailoring solutions and navigating every step to completion.

Known in the industry as Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), this transparent approach creates confidence and certainty in the outcome. Our expertise also plays a crucial role in live environments, minimising disruption to building occupants and providing clear communications with all stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.

In the case of combustible cladding, which can hide multiple sins and vary in how it’s attached to a building, ECI can nip issues in the bud.

For example, cladding may be attached using a cassette system on a frame for lower storeys of a building, but then change to a double-sided tape system for higher storeys. If this detail isn’t discovered early, the project team may have to stop and complete an expensive redesign. This emphasises the cost-saving value of a strong preliminary investigation.

Breadth of remedial expertise

Façade repairs. From initial investigative survey through to delivery, we oversee all manner of façade repairs.

Waterproofing and membranes. Adept in all forms of waterproofing, our knowledge spans products and installation techniques.

Concrete repair. Targeting the primary cause of concrete deterioration, our approach maximises the longevity of a vital asset.

Flooring systems. Regardless of size project, we consistently deliver high performing and visually impressive flooring.

Civil Services. In addition to building rehabilitation, we add value by identifying proactive solutions for protecting assets.

Structural repairs. Our approach to structural integrity involves technical precision and strict compliance.

Heritage refurbishments. We work closely with local authorities and heritage consultants to ensure the building’s legacy is preserved.

To learn more, contact the Paynter Dixon team today.

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Key Account Manager 

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