Who are the Taxi Drivers of the Strata Industry?

The strata industry is 50 odd years old and has been serviced by only a very small number of technology providers since the early 80’s. As a result, the strata industry has had very little innovation and the majority of the industry is still working off server-based systems. Whilst other industries have looked to cloud-based solutions and technology, the strata industry has lagged in its adoption of the latest technology.

Regardless of the organic growth the industry is experiencing, adoption of the latest technology will be critical for strata companies to evolve, otherwise similar to the taxi driver, they run the risk of being disrupted by those that use technology to streamline processes and the administration burdens, whilst delivering better customer service.

Strata software not only needs to be able to provide a better user experience but also a better end customer experience. At its core, it needs to provide a compliant sophisticated accounting and administration system to manage schemes, their information and assets. That said, strata companies are asking for more from their software providers. They are looking to the technology to provide a transparent engagement with end customers, enable new revenue opportunities, have a unified system that streamlines the amount of software required from different providers, as well as provide valuable business intelligence which will help them grow into the future.

Stratafy is an Australian cloud-based strata and building management software provider who has taken a different approach and is innovating for the future. Having developed with the end customer in mind, Stratafy brings together not only features typically offered in traditional strata software systems, such as a compliant accounting and meeting modules, but also features offered in other systems strata managers also use, including email/CRM integration, owner/ tenant engagement, online voting, building management/maintenance, and more.

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