WA Minimum Education Standards

The educational requirements in Western Australia are changing for individuals working in the strata management industry in the state.

Recognising the significance of the knowledge and expertise of strata managers navigating the complex strata industry, as the peak industry body for the strata industry in Western Australia, SCA (WA) believes that striving towards better education standards is crucial for the advancement and sustainability of the overall industry.

Nationally, recent changes with the strengthening of the Certificate IV in Strata Community Management made it impossible for people in the strata management industry in WA to comply with the requirements of their Strata Titles (General) Regulations 2019 in the current framework, and thus, a clear need for change was identified.

As a result, in cooperation with Landgate, Western Australia’s Land Titles Office that manages strata and community titles legislation, SCA (WA) sought to review and reform the state’s strata management educational qualification requirements. SCA (WA) was best placed to drive consistent input throughout the consultation process and formation of the incoming framework, and is excited to see positive changes that better represent the needs of the strata industry in WA soon to be implemented.

SCA fulfils the role of a professional institute nationally, operating under a ‘self-regulation’ model and filling the gaps in legislation through initiatives like our code of conduct, Strata Management Practice Standard (SMPS), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and accreditation.

As such, SCA (WA)’s overarching priority throughout the consultation process was to seek to introduce education requirements that are consistent with the standards set out by SCA’s national programs, as well as the robust standards in developed jurisdictions like New South Wales.

Some of the proposed amendments are as follows:

• Adjusted required qualifications and the removal of specific unit numbers

• Removing the definition and concept of a ‘Designated Person’

• A new definition for the ‘Principal’ of a business

• New roles and definitions for both Strata Community Managers and Assistant Strata Community Managers

• Amended allowances for persons with relevant qualifications

• An extension of the overall transitional timeframe

SCA (WA) now eagerly awaits approval and implementation of the proposed amendments. By implementing higher education standards through the above changes to the current requirements, we as an organisation can ensure that consumers are provided a higher level of support from their managers, and ultimately improved consumer outcomes.

For more information on the changes, visit Landgate’s new and improved website at landgate.wa.gov.au

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