Strata Community Association Australasia Awards

The 2022-2023 SCA Australasia Awards was held on 7 June 2023 in Darwin. We recognised and rewarded those who made a significant contribution to the Strata Industry.

Congratulations to all our winners and finalists who demonstrated professionalism and commitment to the industry.

Thank you to all our judges and national partners.

SA/NT Life Member

Winner: Matthew Amber

President’s Award

Winner: Greg Nash, SCANSIT Chairperson

Essay Award

Winner: Stephanie Toft, Body Corporate Alliance in Qld


Tarnee Lamb, Independent Strata Management, ACT 

Matthew Faulkner, Matthew Faulkner Accountancy, NSW 

Jason Nash, Munro Property Group, SA/NT 

Simone Firns, The Knight, Vic 

Ali Qamar, Cygnet West, WA

Excellence in Innovation Award

Winner: Body Corporate Services, PICA Customer Care Team in Qld


MRI​ Software, NSW 

The Knight, Vic

A Class Strata Service, WA

Support Team Member Award

Sponsored by Kelly + Partners

Winner: Ella Sheldon, The Knight in Vic


Jane Waslin, LJ Hooker Strata, ACT 

Joanne Jenkins, Strata Sense, NSW 

Sunnie Thompson, Body Corporate Services, Qld

Sarah Branch, Strata Data, SA/NT 

Ivy Ling, Realmark Strata, WA

Strata Community Manager Rising Star Award

Sponsored by CHU Underwriting Agencies

Winner: Melissa Repacholi, Strata Administration Services in WA


Sheldon Bøger, Independent Strata Management, ACT

Joshua William, The Strata Collective, NSW

Kerry Hansen, Matthews Body Corporate Management, Qld 

Aaron Leis, MBCM Strata Specialists Waverley and Carnegie, Vic

Strata Community Manager Award

Sponsored by BIV Reports

Winner: Xian Burton, A Class Strata Service in WA


Heather Seagrove, Signature Strata, ACT

Jennifer White, CD Strata, NSW 

Kayleigh Mills, Body Corporate Services, Qld 

Ashleigh Teigesser, Strata Data, SA/NT

Dianne Burton, The Knight, Vic

Senior Strata Community Manager Award

Sponsored by Active

Winner: Sarah Hogg, PICA Group in NSW


Brittany Durand, Vantage Strata, ACT

Nicole Martinovic, Body Corporate Services, Qld 

Tony Johnson, Stratarama, SA/NT 

James Parnell, Select Strata Communities (PB Management), Vic 

Scott Bellerby, B Strata, WA

Strata Community Environmental & Engagement Award

Winner: Andrew Davidson, Team Body Corporate in Qld


Keith Hallet, BCS Strata Management, PICA Group, NSW

Joshua Baldwin, Munro Property Group Inc, SA/NT

Alex Smale, The Knight, Vic 

Lee de Castro, ESM Strata, WA

Strata Services Business Award

Winner: Grace Lawyers in Qld


Strata Energy Services, ACT 

Clean Green Strata, NSW

Fire & Emergency Services SA, SA/NT 

StrataMax, Vic

Tunnel Vision (WA), WA

Strata Community Management Small Business Award

Sponsored by Grace Lawyers

Winner: Degrees Strata in WA


StrataBee, NSW 

Holmac Strata, Qld 

Stratarama, SA/NT 

Pilot Body Corporate, Vic

Strata Community Management Medium Business Award

Sponsored by BCB

Winner: Realmark Strata in WA


Signature Strata, ACT

Jamesons Strata Management (Eastern Suburbs), NSW 

Pinnacle Strata, Qld Horner Management, SA/NT 

MBCM Strata Specialists, Frankston, Chelsea, and Mornington, Vic

Strata Community Management Large Business Award

Sponsored by Macquarie Bank

Winner: The Knight in Vic


Vantage Strata, ACT 

Strata Choice, NSW 

Ernst Body Corporate Management, Qld 

Strata Data, SA/NT 

Richardson Strata Management Services, WA

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