Shoddy and Deadly

Spontaneous glass explosions in apartment blocks has highlighted the dangers of cheap and faulty building glass flooding into the Australian market.

Linked to the poor manufacturing of balcony balustrades when containing nickel sulphide the building glass can fail on exposure to extreme temperature changes such as; wind, heat or other stresses.

Poor quality glass, shoddy workmanship and installation especially when dealing with building glass is life threatening.

So, more than ever it’s important that your glazier or building glass supplier engages in best practices and adheres to Australian Standards for building glass to ensure the protection and safety of people living and working in residential and commercial buildings.

It’s critical that you always ask if your glazier or building glass supplier is an AGWA accredited member.

Every Express Glass Glazier is an AGWA member who has been trained and tested so the best practice is not a negotiation, it’s the only option.

By using an AGWA member to source and install your building glass products, you can be assured that they have been certified by a qualified certifier and are from a reputable supplier, such as Express Glass

Accredited glazing professionals are specialists in their field, advising on thermal performance, wind load for cyclone and high-risk areas, safety glazing systems for exterior and interior applications.

Your glass supplier should ensure the glass is fit for purpose and from a reliable source and that the glass installed is fully compliant.

Any building glass breakage problem has severe consequences where the building glass is installed overhead or in public areas, such as in high-rise residential or commercial buildings as it can be critical and endanger lives.

Qualified, experienced and accredited glaziers, such as Express Glass will give you absolute confidence in their professional advice and ability.

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