President and CEO Report – Summer 2024

SCA closed out the 2023 year strong with our commitment to advocating for the strata industry, which remained unwavering while engaging with policymakers, legislators and key stakeholders across all jurisdictions to ensure our voice is heard at all levels. Through targeted initiatives, we have pushed for policies that promote sustainable development, enhance strata living, and seek overall improvements to the legislation that governs the strata management profession.

Most notably, the SCA Strata Insurance Disclosure Best Practice Guides, which our team worked so hard to produce, were released to our membership in December. Following a multi-month process that involved a tremendous amount of consultation and collaboration, SCA will support our members to understand the industry best practice standards as it relates to the disclosure of fees and charges totalled for strata inductance polices.

SCA National 3 Year Strategy 2024 – 2026

Across the final months of 2023, Presidents and General Managers from all the regions came together with the SCA National Board and Senior Executive to produce our new three year strategy for 2024-2026.

We thank Carolyn Butler-Madden from The Cause Effect for her facilitation and thorough process to support us and force us to expand our thinking to grow our vision and build goals, so we become a stronger collaborative association.

Each component on the strategy contributes to this by aiming to:

Consumer confidence

• Brand value

• Economic sustainability

It was agreed to keep our current vision statement:

The unified voice of Strata in Australia & New Zealand – We are dedicated to strengthening the benefits of strata now, and for the future. One building, one community at a time.

Seven strategic goals were agreed by all:

The Professional Membership Body

Goal 1 – A valued and trusted brand, with which Members are proud to be associated.

• Build a community

• High ethical standards

• Develop brand

• Strong advocacy voice

Goal 2 – Nationally aligned education standards that promote professionalism and improve consumer confidence.

• Aligned education standards

• Sustainable quality pathway

• Quality CPD events

Invested Employees and Volunteers

Goal 3 – Volunteers feel valued, supported and empowered.

• Board mentoring program

• Meeting agendas aligned to Strategic Goals

Goal 4 – Employees feel valued, supported and empowered, and achieve a work life balance.

• National organisational chart; vacancies filled

• Key person dependencies framework

• Position descriptions and KPI’s

• Skills gap analysis and training plans

• Buddy system

Operational Efficiency and Excellence

Goal 5 – Shared resources across all regions, strategically.

• PSMBAG overriding complaint reviewer

• User-friendly SHARE Microsoft Teams

• Terminology standardisation

Goal 6 – Consolidated membership structure.

• Evaluate consolidated member structure

Financial Sustainability

Goal 7 – Sustainable revenue streams allow us to fund SCA’s agenda.

• New sponsorship model

• RTO model developed

• Diversified funding opportunities explored

Senior Leaders Forum looking at Large Scale Complex Buildings

SCA invites members to join us on 12-13 February in Melbourne to keep up with the rapid pace of change strata is experiencing at the operational level and be an adequately equipped strata management leader to meet the changes for the future. The program will incorporate content specifically tailored for managing large scale complex buildings.

Whether you’r​e a business owner looking to expand and grow your business to the next level, develop efficiencies in managing larger properties, or you’re wanting to take the next step in your career, this forum allows you to engage in education to cultivate and enhance your professional development as a senior leader. Establish meaningful connections with fellow peers from across the strata community at the 2024 Senior Leaders Forum.

SCA Australia and New Zealand Conference in Sydney

Join us at the largest and most influential strata event in the Southern Hemisphere where we bring together colleagues across all our regions to collaborate, network and share knowledge. Hear from industry experts, discover new products and services, connect with suppliers and gain insights on the latest industry trends.

The SCA Australia and New Zealand Conference is heading to Sydney in 2024 and will be held at the International Convention Centre over 4-5 July 2024 with a welcome cocktail party in the evening on 3 July and the Australasia Awards in the evening on 5 July.



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