SCA (SA/NT) President Report 2022

The theme of starting new was highly apparent this past year in the strata sector, as we began to move beyond some of the challenges that we had
faced since the onset of 2020.

Importantly, we watched a compelling South Australian election that resulted in a substantial victory for the South Australian Labor Party opposition. Throughout the campaign, both the government and the opposition of the day gave notice to the industry and acknowledged its rapid growth. This led to favourable discussions and thought-provoking directions we were able to direct to the key players.

Shifting governments brings shifting portfolios along with it, which afforded SCA with new opportunities to push the agenda forward on the core needs of the body corporate and community title management industry in the state.

The ongoing work of SCA in this capacity led to our organisation securing important relationships within the newly appointed Government, obtaining firm commitments for further consideration into some of the critical issues currently facing the strata sector in South Australia.

The new government’s emphasis on renewable energy and a more sustainable future for South Australia has ensured that we are remaining ready to represent the experience and capability of our growing strata sector. We know the strata sector can play a vital role in meeting future sustainability goals, both through the economies of scale that strata provide, and the unique expertise of managers and suppliers to meet the surging demand of the sector.

Similarly, have also retained an intense focus on the issue of rectification of dangerous ACP cladding, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to improving the ongoing reformatory response. The SCA (SA/NT) Cladding Taskforce continues to push for greater financial and administrative assistance
from the Government, to ensure that strata residents that are exposed to risk are safe, and that the potential for disaster is effectively mitigated against. In doing so we have now become the key spokesperson into the matter with several interviews with Radio and Print media.

The success of our efforts in these areas offers a robust and meaningful platform of which to build off
of and will help us reach our policy and advocacy goals for 2022 and beyond.

Looking ahead, we’re remaining committed to driving forward our efforts in the areas policy and advocacy, building upon the strong industry progress made since this time last year, to continue to strive positive outcomes all strata stakeholders. We are entirely focused on becoming the loudest voice in the room moving forward, and a go to representative of the strata sector for media and government alike. This runs hand in hand with establishing a solid platform of professionalism for the industry, a separation from the “Real Estate” industry as we look to move into the professional services industry alongside the like-minded industries of lawyers, accountants etc. By doing so we seek the continued support of the clients and be recognised as an industry continuing to improve and educate within and externally provide advice on all things community living.

We’re excited for what’s in store, and for you to see our vision for the strata industry executed in the very near future.

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