SCA (NZ) President Report 2022

The dynamism and resilience of our strata sector shone through brighter than ever this year, as we began to move beyond some of the unrelenting challenges that the past few years have presented us.

On the whole, I have been strongly encouraged by the progression and direction of the multi-unit industry in New Zealand since this time last year. Over the past few months in particular, we have seen a monumental shift in the legislative landscape that governs both strata and residents societies in New Zealand. Most notably, the main piece of legislation that regulates strata, the Unit Titles Act 2010, underwent considerable reform, through the introduction and royal ascent of the Unit Titles (Strengthening Body Corporate Governance and Other Matters) Amendment Bill.

We are set to see significant, positive adjustments to long-established industry frameworks, including highly important issue areas like disclosure and remote access, and we are hopeful of the positive impacts of seeing them implemented in full.

Having been heavily involved in the Bill since 2018, and a consistent driver of input on this Bill since its inception, we are extremely excited and motivated to lead from the front, navigating the introduction of these changes to the strata environment in NZ.

However, when discussing this Bill I cannot stress enough the critical importance of professionalism, and its impact on both positive consumer outcomes and protection.

SCA (NZ) is resolutely determined to continue to push to raise the bar of professionalism for body corporate managers in New Zealand, maintaining the high standard of education, advocacy, ethics and accountability of the industry. Without a resourced, quality industry body, many of the good reforms included in this Bill may fall flat.

SCA (NZ), in our position as the industry’s peak professional body, will assess how formal regulatory approaches can be incorporated in the future, in addition to SCA (NZ)’s member programs.

In that same vein, our organisation made it a priority this past year to continue to focus on directing a number of valuable training events for members. It is through these mechanisms that we can drive the standard of education, skill and knowledge of multiunit management stakeholders throughout New Zealand, and maintain the standard that we strive hard to achieve.

Between events like our numerous webinars, our NZ100 Strata Community Management Course or our annual Committee Training session, we can provide the right tools and resources for our members and consumers to manage the unit titles environment in NZ efficiently and effectively. As always, our annual JV Symposium with the Auckland District Law Society was an industry highlight and pivotal overview to navigating the changes and challenges ahead.

This year, NZ members once again embarked on the Chateau, Tongariro for the SCA (NZ) annual conference. It was a valued opportunity to add some flair to the ‘liveable future dynamic’, and to revisit some of our pillars and goals for 2022/23. We would once again like to extend a big thank you to all those members and sponsors who came along for the ride.

As we look ahead, we remain committed to building upon the growth of the sector, maintaining a strong focus on both policy and advocacy activities, as well as training and education efforts. SCA (NZ) is striving to foster positive and long-lasting outcomes for all strata industry stakeholders across the country, all while nurturing the networking and comradery that has helped SCA (NZ) grow from strength to strength.

We’re excited for what 2023 will hold, and can’t wait to show you what else we have in store.

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