SCA (Qld) Awards Highlight

Now in its sixth year, the SCA (Qld) Strata Community Awards for Excellence give recognition to the work of body corporate managers and their successes in keeping the real estate assets of Queenslanders in fine shape. These awards recognise champions in the body corporate sector for their service excellence, resilience and professional approach to managing the properties of 1.1million Queenslanders who reside in strata buildings.

It has been an incredible task to manage the 50,000 strata communities during the COVID-19 lockdown stages. With very little strata-specific guidance, body corporate managers had to interpret government directions themselves to ensure that bodies corporate complied with all regulations.

These awards recognise excellence, and the incredible work body corporate managers do every day and the challenges they overcome.

The winners of this year’s Awards for Excellence are:

Strata Community Manager Rising Star

Jackson Melloy – Bright & Duggan

Jackson is a Strata Community Manager at Bright & Duggan who values truth, ethics and professionalism in his work. Jackson began work as an Assistant Strata Community Manager in 2019, and within 5 months was promoted to Strata Community Manager. Within his first six months in the industry he was given a full portfolio to manage following such positive client feedback. Congratulations Jackson!

Strata Community Manager

Rikki Slaughter – Ernst Body Corporate Management

Rikki is an SCA (Qld) Accredited Strata Community Manager at Ernst Body Corporate Management who goes above and beyond to exceed her client’s expectations. She embraces challenges as she takes on some of the largest Building Management Groups on the Gold Coast. Often described by her clients as dedicated, proactive and knowledgeable, Rikki is passionate about the strata industry and is proud of the work she completes. Congratulations Rikki!

Senior Strata Community Manager

Pedzi Mawande – The Community Co

Pedzi is the Managing Director and Senior Strata Manager at The Community Co. Pedzi believes his success stems from his desire to go above and beyond. Business innovation is always a top priority for Pedzi and he operates his business through leading by example, believing it is the most effective way to promote ethics to both his clients and team. He acts with honesty and integrity and demonstrates to others the moral codes that he lives and works by. Congratulations Pedzi!

Support Team Member

Jevon Taane – Ernst Body Corporate Management

Jevon is the Technical Training Manager at Ernst and is responsible for implementing, reviewing and documenting all community/strata management related processes and overall staff training, as well as quality control of documentation. Jevon is a strong believer in rewards come to those who reward others. As his colleagues deliver outstanding work and are promoted within, he also feels rewarded. Congratulations Jevon!

Essay Award: Resilience – An essential service in strata

Lauren Jones – Cannon + Co Law

Lauren used her essay to discuss building a resilient business model during COVID-19. Lauren expressed the importance of using digital technology in strata and how to embrace it. She discussed how COVID-19 has shifted our way of operation and how strata has been thrust into the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

Congratulations Lauren!

President’s Award

Duncan Lee, Pinnacle Strata

Duncan’s work with SCA (Qld) has proven crucial to the organisation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly his role in the creation of guides and other resources aimed at helping fellow members, particularly smaller businesses, in navigating the challenges that have challenged strata communities throughout 2020.

Throughout his 20 years of strata management experience and 11 years of SCA membership, Duncan has demonstrated considerable talent in body corporate structure management. Congratulations Duncan!

Small Strata Community Management Business

Ace Body Corporate Management (Hamilton-Lutwyche & North West)

As a small body corporate management business, Ace believes they are able to take a much more personal approach to their business as they are familiar with all of their clients. The team at Ace believe in going above and beyond because of their passion for the industry and servicing their clients. Ace is always customising their client’s experiences to ensure all are looked after exactly how they need to be.

Congratulations to Ace Body Corporate Management (Hamilton-Lutwyche & North-West)!

Medium Strata Community Management Business

The Community Co

The Community Co, founded by Pedzi Mawande and George Salloum, operates under a model that focusses on building strong strata community relationships that place the individual first every time. Investing in leading technology that measures the resources necessary to effectively manage each client is another key part of their operation. The Community Co believes their commitment to finding better ways to provide client-centric strata management services positions them as a strong and forward-thinking industry leader.

Congratulations to The Community Co!

Large Strata Community Management Business

Bright & Duggan

Bright & Duggan believe one of their businesses biggest strengths is the ability to deliver outstanding service through their local presence in Queensland which is backed by a significant national support network. This allows the Qld team to focus on the top priorities for clients. Bright & Duggan Qld believe their team encompasses the skills set of expertise, experience, professionalism and passion for all things strata.

Congratulations to Bright & Duggan!

Strata Services Business

Usher Group

Usher Group offers a diverse range of services from painting, to their extended services which include coatings, creative signage and property services. In 2020 Usher Group focused on ensuring not only that their clients were looked after but their business as a whole. Usher Group believes in constantly investing in innovation (particularly environmental impact), people and new services to drive growth and make the company stronger.

Congratulations to Usher Group!

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