CHU SCA (ACT) 2020 Strata Community Awards

On 12 March 2020, we gathered excitedly at Hotel Realm to celebrate the hard work and resilience of the ACT Strata Community with the CHU SCA (ACT) 2020 Strata Community Awards.

2020 was a year in which Canberra over came not only the challenges of COVID-19, but also extreme weather conditions which included heavy smoke from bushfires and a freak hailstorm. It was also a year in which the Strata Community was extremely active with new strata reforms being unveiled from August 2019.

We’d like to thank our esteemed judges, Mark Parton, David Snowden and Elizabeth Carro, who spent several hours inspecting the applications and agonising over the decision.

And thank you to our sponsors, whom not only provide outstanding support and service throughout the year, but also generously contribute to allow us to have such an outstanding event – CHU, BCB, Building Link, Chambers Russell Lawyers, Gallagher, Laser Plumbing, Maritex Commercial, McInnes Wilson Lawyers, Collective Insurance Brokers and QIA Group.

We would now like to acknowledge our award winners:

Student of the Year

Winner: Emma Cutts, Bright & Duggan ACT

Emma’s rise at Bright & Duggan has been quite meteoric. Commencing with Bright & Duggan in 2018 as a receptionist, Emma demonstrated many characteristics required to shine in the strata industry.

Emma displayed excellent attention to detail and successfully completed the SCA A100 in 2019. She has continued to develop a strong knowledge of the Unit Title Management Act and a common-sense approach to strata.

It is these technical skills coupled with a genuine warmth and eagerness to assist her customers that has led to such positive feedback.


Support Team Member

Winner: Kellie Pellatt, Independent Strata Management

Kellie has worked for Independent for over 10 years in various roles including, associate, insurance and administration. It is this broad range of roles that gives her a unique overview of the business.

Her understanding of strata on the front line, as well as the back end make her perfect for her current role as system consultant. She knows exactly what the managers and other support staff require to complete their tasks.

Kellie is an outstanding team player. Her attitude, knowledge, initiative, commitment and engagement in the business make her a worthy winner of this category.

Essay Award

Winner: Konika Elphick, First Choice Strata

Konika’s essay entitled ‘The relationship between developers and strata managers – is the strata industry doing enough to protect owners?’ Is the winner of the 2020 Essay Award for ACT.

Managing an Owners Corporation from registration requires skill and patience, as owners often move into a building which doesn’t always live up to the picture painted in their sales brochure, leading them to scrutinise every aspect of their new home. Typically, most owners are fearful that the strata manager which has been appointed by the developer will take care of the needs of the developer instead of the owners.

With building defects becoming common place within the industry, increasing media attention, along with a shocking lack of consumer protection in this area – this is fast becoming one of the most pivotal topics within the Strata Management sector, as these defect ridden buildings can cost Owners Corporations hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars to remediate as well as a huge emotional toll on unsuspecting owners.


Professional Commitment to Service & Ethics

Winner: Nina Cannell, Signature Strata

Nina’s professional commitment to service and ethics has made her the rock that the Metropolitan Apartment undoubtedly leans upon. Navigating

through the day-to-day, and occasional exceptional event, with such a large group of stakeholders is demanding.

It requires a thoughtful balance and delicate sense of ethics to juggle the varied opinions and positions that all stakeholders bring to the table. Nina does this with apparent ease and a sensitivity towards the delivery of sometimes unwelcome news.

Nina acts without bias, nor self-interest and within the framework of her profession’s limitations and the legislation by which she is guided.

President Award

Winner: Nina Cannell, Signature Strata

Nina is the current Vice President of SCA (ACT) and has been a member of the Chapter’s board for several years. Nina has dedicated considerable time and effort to the education and advocacy work of the SCA (ACT).

The SCA (ACT) relies almost entirely on the work of volunteer board members. During 2020 Nina worked closely with Chris Miller, immediate past president of the SCA (ACT) during his term and committed considerable resources to working with Chris during the recent legislative reform process.

Nina presently plays a vital role on the SCA (ACT) executive, supporting the current president with the advocacy and lobbying agenda to Government.

Sponsored by GALLAGHER

Strata Community Manager Rising Star

Winner: Joshua Newham, Bright & Duggan ACT

Joshua joined Bright & Duggan as a Strata Manager in September 2019 and it soon became apparent that Joshua had the qualities and attributes required to be a successful Strata Manager. Joshua was fast tracked to managing a full portfolio of 25 complexes with approximately 950 lots and has become a highly valued Strata Manager within the Bright & Duggan team.

Joshua is open to constructive criticism, always eager to learn, extremely disciplined and efficient

Sponsored by MARITEX

Strata Community Manager

Winner: Kelly McMahon, Bright & Duggan ACT

Despite the challenges of 2020 (bushfires, hail storms, COVID-19), Kelly has always been available and continues to provide great advice to her clients – particularly around the new legislative requirements of COVID-19.

Kelly is always efficient, professional and enthusiastic. Her team is also very efficient in their assistance. Word on the street is that Kelly is ‘one of the good ones’ – and owners and tradesman alike enjoy interacting with her.


Senior Strata Community Manager

Winner: Rhonda Yates, Bright & Duggan ACT

Rhonda joined Bright & Duggan in 2014 and has since been an outstanding member of their network and B&D community.

Currently a Senior Strata Manager and the Branch Manager of the ACT office, Rhonda oversees 160 residential, retail and mixed-use units plan and some community title schemes comprising of 4960 lots. Her role is diverse and requires various abilities as office manager, team leader, trainer and mentor.

As a Senior Strata Manager her performance has always been at the highest level and her attention to detail for her clients has not gone unrecognised, often receiving praise for her on-going work.


Strata Services Business

Winner: Peak Consulting

Peak Consulting always maintain an extremely high level of professionalism and integrity. Their project management skills are exceptional, as they keep all stakeholders well informed.

The quality of the reports that Peak Consulting provide are second to none and always ensure that each step of the way is recorded and documented in writing and with supporting documents and photos.


Strata Management Business

Winner: Vantage Strata

Vantage Strata is an ambitious and enthusiastic company with a clear vision for the successful future of both their own company and the industry.

They believe that two key factors contribute to their difference in the industry, and lead to better outcomes all round:

1. Over-resourcing compared to industry standards 2. Overarching interest in and understanding of the strata industry.

They are strong advocates of continuous improvement and are always looking for innovative ways to do better.

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