SA State Recap – Winter 2020

As we move out of the recent pandemic, it is an excellent time that we acknowledge how we faced the challenge of becoming agile and effective in providing an excellent service to our industry.

With the need to appreciate the rapid change in the way clients were required to live & work, I am pleased that SCA members were ready to adapt and assist these communities.

It is clear that our local industry will not be impacted as much as other states, and we can thank all communities for that. A simple effort in closing community areas and taking meetings online has enabled our industry to make a significant impact. I continue to hear stories of communities assisting neighbours and building on a culture of support and assistance. The one common factor that is tied to all these stories is how the Body Corporate manager assisted. Now when we look at this pandemic in a different standing, it shows how far our reach and influence truly is in these communities.

Moving forward into 2020, I look forward to hearing and sharing more of these stories and examples so we can better influence the industry in the marketplace.

The Board have set down a mandate for the next period, and that is to grow the brand of SCA SA/NT within the market. It is unanimous amongst the Board members that this is a priority in the industry moving forward. In conjunction with this, we will be reviewing the SCA management agreement and looking to refine and enhance this agreement to become the standard benchmark for the industry.

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