Digital Transformation of the Building Management Sector

An interview with MYBOS

Q: Has there been increased demand for digital transformation for both owners and managers, people wanting new technology and embracing change rather than opposing?

A: Technology has changed the way we manage business, from smartphones to tech buildings, it is a part of everything we do. Embracing this technological growth is vital for businesses in the building management sector so as to not be left behind. There has definitely been an increase in the number of businesses looking for evolving technology, with the integration of particular systems to take over menial tasks such as data collection and work orders. For many older businesses who were not ready for a big change, the implementation of these systems has come in waves, with a slow progression into using technology across many facets of the business. This has seen a positive change in the industry, with more businesses open to using technology to improve their day to day processes and productivity. 

Q: What are the trends?

A: There are a variety of technological trends in building management, including systems that help with everything from managing workflows to scheduling preventative maintenance. There has been a keen interest in reducing the use of paper across many businesses, thanks to an increase in conversation around environmental responsibility. In a search for cost efficiencies and improved productivity, we have also seen an increase in the use of building management software to achieve this goal. These systems can accurately collect and store data, provide maintenance reports, send work orders and offer direct lines of communication to customers among other things. These are difficult to achieve using an outdated system, so the trend has grown relatively naturally over time. 

Q: How is this technology contributing to disaster preparedness?

A: Building management software has morphed during COVID-19 to keep people safe and prepared. At MYBOS, we developed a tracker that allowed building managers to understand the number of confirmed and isolated cases within their building, in addition to providing communication methods directly to customers for updates on social distancing and other necessary precautions. 

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