SA/NT State Recap – Spring 2020

With the closeout to an interesting year, it has been a chance to look into 2021 with anticipation for growth in the industry in many ways.

Marketing the Value of an SCA Member

Whilst in previous years we have been focused on the professional development of members via various avenues being online education and seminars, it has become clear to the Board that we are in a pivotal point in time that we need to market the value of being managed by an SCA (SA) member. The Board have been working hard over the last few months, determining a strategy to propel SCA (SA) into the market and specifically target corporations that are self-managed or managed by non-members.

New Contracts

The Board has identified that the SCA Management Contract requires updating and revision. We have taken this task out to tender. We also agreed that for firms who wish to use their agreement, we would have the firm produce a minimum standard in conjunction with a framework and system to have the contract review and scrutinised to ensure it meets the SCA (SA) standards.


It has become apparent that there is change afoot in the Real Estate sector with more investors moving money from banking investments to bricks as the rate plummets. This will not only mean a turn of investors but in some respect, a new wave of savvy and well-informed owners. In my conversations with industry leaders, this is a time for setting systems and being prepared for rapid growth and expectations of owners.

All in all, this year has been one that we will remember, hopefully for the reason of an opportunity to slow down, create strategic alignment and ultimately, industry and business growth.

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