NSW State Recap – Summer 2020

In light of the recent bushfires, I would like to begin my opening report for 2020 by expressing my deepest sympathies to everyone affected. On behalf of SCA (NSW), we stand behind and honour all those who have lost homes, businesses, animals and, above all, loved ones. SCA (NSW) would also like to extend its heartfelt thanks and gratitude to those involved in fighting the fires and those providing much needed support to the volunteers and affected communities.

In 2020 Strata Community Association (NSW) or the Institute of Strata Title Management (ISTM) as it was in 1980, will turn 40. And as with every 40th we plan a big bash.

We will be honouring the legacy that has gone before us with the publication of a book currently being collated and written by John Coleman who has been researching and writing the history of the institute for the past two years. We can’t wait to launch it during the year and are indebted to John for his incredible research – unearthing long forgotten stories and chronicling the highs and lows over the past 40 years.

The industry association owes a debt of gratitude to those trailblazers who have come before us and enabled the platform for growth, consumer reach and Government influence that we have today. We intend to highlight those significant achievements, reflect on our past and celebrate the future in what promises to be an exciting 40th year.

The industry association owes a debt of gratitude to the trailblazers who have come before us

Also making news is that the NSW Government’s building reform bill has been delayed to 2020. Debate on the Design and Building Practitioners Bill was delayed in the Legislative Council when a stand-off occurred between political parties over amendments that had been sought. SCA (NSW) is working closely with Government to assist in working around the political impasse. The Duty of Care legalisation would deliver much needed consumer protection for apartment owners in NSW and SCA (NSW) will continue to lobby to represent strata across the political spectrum.

SCA (NSW) also continues to experience a positive relationship with the Building Commissioner who presented to members at the 2019 Annual Convention. He highlighted his vision for restoring consumer confidence back into strata apartments.

Cladding support packages continue to be a hot topic within Government. While remaining non-committal, as the definite number of affected schemes is whittled down, there appears a likelihood that the Government may consider financially supporting schemes in some capacity. SCA (NSW) will continue to lobby for this outcome to deliver a fair solution for affected schemes and impacted owners.

In closing for the year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the NSW Board. As a volunteer organisation, all with full day jobs, their commitment in time, effort and expertise is humbling.

At the 2019 AGM we saw the resignation of a number of key contributors who have served for long periods in their capacity as volunteer directors. Notable among them was retiring Senior Vice President Daniel Linders, who has tirelessly worked on behalf of members for a decade to lift standards, lobby Government, represent strata and ensure a better deal for our membership. I would also like to acknowledge Hugh McCormack for his deep involvement over the years in progressing the education agenda for strata managers and David Wellman for his tenure on the Board representing Licensed managers.

Finally, a sincere thank you to the NSW Secretariat team which continues to work hard to produce education, events and communications for members. The membership is well supported by a competent team striving for operational excellence.

Lots more to happen as we head into 2020.

Chris Duggan 




Ken Gresham

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of Mr Ken Gresham one of the founders of the Institute of Strata Title Management (now SCA (NSW)) and its first Vice President.

Ken arrived in Australia from the United Kingdom in 1961. Originally a printer by trade, Ken started working in real estate in Drummoyne in Sydney’s Inner West in 1966.

He opened his own real estate business in Campsie in 1971, moving to Bondi Beach at the end of the 1970s and opening Gresham Real Estate with his wife, Sara, working alongside him. His business covered all aspects of a traditional real estate business – sales, property management and strata management.

Ken gradually acquired strata blocks and by 1978, he had a portfolio of more than 200 buildings.

His friend and colleague Gary Bugden persuaded Ken to join the steering committee alongside Murial Barasso, Don Cameron, Barry Johnson and Frank Ward and chaired by Gary. In 1980, ISTM was formed and Ken became Vice President of the very first Board. He remained Vice President and Director until 1984.

Ken died suddenly on 26 October 2019. We offer his daughter Aylie Brutman who continues to work in the strata industry and the rest of his family our sincere condolences.

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