Is Cloud Connectivity the Future of Strata Management?

The world is becoming increasingly connected. Tenants work in connected offices, drive in connected cars and carry portals to the connected world in their pockets. Eventually they will expect the same level of connectedness from their residences. While this connectivity will certainly bring with it new challenges, it also heralds new opportunities to make the lives of asset owners and strata managers easier and more convenient.

It’s no secret that cloud connected devices and equipment can cost more up-front and more to maintain and this can make them a difficult proposition to justify – especially during these troubled times. However, research conducted over the last few years has shown the demand for these styles of services amongst tenants to be steadily growing and can have a significant role in their decision making process.

In a recent study involving 1,000 Australians, 46% said their lives would be easier if they could use their smartphone instead of their keys to enter their home. A further 20% said it would be beneficial to be able to let someone inside their home when they’re not there. Without the aid of connected technologies like smart locks or integrated visitor management systems – such ideas would be impossible.

In addition to being attractive to tenants, these connected technologies can also be a huge time and money saver to asset owners and strata managers. Instead of needing all entryway locks replaced if (or more likely, when) a tenant loses their key, access for electronic fobs and smart phone apps can be shut off remotely to prevent entry. Not only is this significantly easier from a site management perspective but it also allows tenants to feel safer moving around your building.

It’s not just entry management systems that can benefit from a switch to cloud connectivity – maintenance for key equipment like elevators can also be automated to great effect. By remotely monitoring key performance metrics, these services can predict if and when your lift may develop a fault long before it actually becomes a problem. Over the lifespan of the equipment, this can dramatically reduce equipment downtime and the costs associated with major repairs.

When the relationship between strata managers and their tenants breaks down, a lack of communication is often cited as a leading cause. Using connected technologies like digital info screens and maintenance request apps can make it far easier for you to open a dialogue with tenants in a manner that is easily updatable, doesn’t interfere with their peace and doesn’t impact your productivity.

While they might represent unfamiliar territory for many of us, cloud connected equipment is here to stay. It can improve our efficiency, increase the value of our buildings and can ensure essential equipment remains online for when you need it most. The future of strata management is with connected technologies – are you ready to make the change?

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