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Industry news pulls together some of the most interesting and important stories in the strata industry over the past few months.

Apartment buildings race to retrofit electric vehicle chargers

Domain, 30 December 2021

Strata Committees are hastily preparing for the onset of a greener future, with apartments throughout Australia moving towards widespread installation of EV charging stations. Whilst only a small number of Australians currently own an EV, a Sydney study found that 48% of apartment dwelling respondents plan to have an EV in the next 5 years.

Insurance premiums in northern Australia still skyrocketing, Broome residents consider leaving

ABC News, 3 January 2022

Northern Australia continues to be a high-risk area for insurers, putting upwards pressure on the costs of premiums and leading many insurance companies to flee the market. Strata residents are finding that the cost of their insurance is double in comparison to the rest of the nation.

COVID restrictions result in strata repairs ‘backlog’

Insurance News, 2 November 2021

Insurers continue to have difficulty responding to the stockpile of claims that have built up from strata communities since the onset of the COVID-19 restrictions and have struggled to complete critical repairs. SCA National President Chris Duggan highlights the importance of increased construction and maintenance quality.

Rating tool to aid consumer confidence in NSW apartments

The Property Tribune, 15 December 2021

The NSW government has announced the introduction of an independent construction industry rating tool. The rating tool is a step to tackle the issue of building defects in approximately 36% of newly constructed buildings, as identified in the SCA (NSW) survey of 1,400 strata managers in conjunction with the Office of the NSW Building Commissioner.

Queensland Health accused of abandoning unit owners for not ruling on unvaccinated residents

The Courier Mail, 9 November 2021

Queensland Health has avoided mandating that residents, visitors and contractors be required to be vaccinated before entering common areas in shared communities. SCA (QLD) President Kristi Kinast called for decisive action by the Queensland Government to better regulate the access of unvaccinated individuals within strata areas.

States get new laws and fresh ideas for strata

Australian Financial Review, 10 December 2021

New strata laws introduced on 1 December 2021 provide increased protection for both established Victorian strata residents as well as prospective future apartment owners. SCA continues to support legislative progression to combat bad faith actors within the industry.

Adelaide is unlocking solar living for apartment and strata dwellers

In Daily, 1 December 2021

SCA’s sustainability initiative is committed to influencing the creation of strata communities powered by green, efficient energy. The City of Adelaide is leading the way, offering solar rebates of up to $20,000 per site.

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