In It for the Long Haul

Is “longevity” a word associated with the construction industry? It has not always been, but Brosnan wants to change that. The company’s vision of restoring confidence in construction and guiding ethos of longevity are changing the way the industry does business.  

“I had my first introduction to the construction industry when I was six, when my mum had a new home built,” says Brosnan Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Nash. “But it was only ten years later that mum found out she had a leaky home. She was devastated and, sadly, her situation was not unique.” 

It’s a familiar story to most Strata committees and building owners who have found themselves faced with unexpected major repairs. Confidence in the construction sector has deteriorated due to poorly designed buildings and inadequate materials.

Brosnan’s vision is Confidence in Construction. They know that restoring confidence is not a quick fix or easy path, but Brosnan is in it for the long haul. Phil Brosnan founded the company in 2010 with an underlying ethos of longevity that impacts everything they do – from the projects they undertake to the career development they provide their employees. 


New buildings can and should be designed with the future in mind. As building owners and Strata committees can attest, poor initial planning can lead to costly repairs years down the road.  

Brosnan’s expertise shines when it comes to extending the life of existing buildings. Their customers turn to them to remediate, refurbish, and restore existing multi-unit residential buildings. Their portfolio is packed with building refurbishments, heritage restorations, weather tightness remedial work, seismic upgrades and repairs, passive fire upgrades, and repairs and rebuilds of fire-damaged buildings. “We didn’t contribute to New Zealand’s poor building stock, but we are determined to play a key role in fixing it,” explains Nash. 

Their ethos of longevity has guided Brosnan to become experts in working with existing buildings.  Most recently this ethos has led Brosnan to offer best practice asset management services, ensuring buildings do not fall into a state of disrepair.  

Asset Management 

When a project ends and the project team steps away, there is still work to be done. Strata Managers and Body Corporate committees know well the mountain of work required just to maintain their buildings.  

“The most overwhelming part of maintaining your building and the assets within it is knowing what needs to be serviced or upgraded and when,” says Brosnan Maintenance General Manager, Richard Ashton.  

Most buildings have a Long-Term Maintenance Plan (LTMP). All too often, though, the LTMP is out of date as soon as it is published. Brosnan Maintenance offers an asset management system that is updated each time work is carried out. This means that the LTMP is a live document that stays relevant and becomes smarter as it is used and updated. Proactive asset management protects warranties, lowers the cost of ownership, and can increase both property value and rent yields.  

“When I hear ‘longevity,’ I think of maintaining, protecting, and upgrading what you already have,” says Ashton. “I think of planning ahead and caring for your assets.”  

The Brosnan team believes that maintaining your building can and should be an easy process. To learn more, visit  

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