Empowering Body Corporate Owners with Building Remediation Solutions

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Brosnan, a respected name in building remediation, and MOD Finance, an independent real estate capital advisory firm, have come together to revolutionise how multi-unit residential buildings in New Zealand access the financial resources needed for building repairs, upgrades, and renovations.

For years, property owners across New Zealand have turned to Brosnan for their building remediation, renovation, and maintenance needs. Through this partnership with MOD Finance, Brosnan can now not only fix their clients’ buildings but can also help fund the project.

This partnership is a game-changer for body corporates aiming to remediate defects or enhance the quality and sustainability of their properties. They can now access specialised loans tailored to their unique needs, allowing them to undertake essential building projects sooner than ever before.

As a prominent figure in the building remediation sector, Brosnan brings its extensive experience and a proven track record to the table. Having successfully completed over 400 projects across New Zealand, Brosnan has gained a solid reputation for its high-quality workmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Geoff Nash, CEO of Brosnan, expressed his enthusiasm about this significant development, not only for Brosnan but for the entire industry. He stated, “Whether we are talking about a leaky building, seismic upgrades, or major renovations, it can be a stressful and disrupting experience. We understand our clients’ challenges and financial support is a big one. We are excited to be able to offer a comprehensive, holistic solution that empowers body corporates to undertake projects that enhance their properties.”

Ric Kebblewhite, Director of MOD Finance, highlighted the ongoing challenge of securing funding for weathertightness defect remediation and other extensive maintenance projects in New Zealand. He stated, “Availability of funding for the remediation of weathertightness defects and other large maintenance projects has been an ongoing challenge in New Zealand. Brosnan has earned a strong reputation in this space over the years, and we are excited to join forces to provide greater certainty to affected homeowners.”

This new offering opens the doors to unlocking the potential of unit-titled buildings. It simplifies embarking on essential projects that address structural issues, improve energy efficiency, modernise facilities, enhance liveability, and safeguard property investments. Brosnan and MOD Finance are leading the way in making building remediation and upgrades more accessible and manageable for body corporate owners throughout New Zealand.

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