Connecting and supporting premises across Australia is our priority

For most Australians, the nbn network has become the primary channel for work, study, entertainment, socialising and maintaining contact with the outside world. As of right now, more than 95 percent of the rollout is already complete with over seven million homes and business connected.

Throughout the last few months, we have seen and unprecedented increase in internet traffic carried over the nbn network. With a critical role to play in keeping premises across Australia connected, we worked with phone and internet providers across the country to help ensure homes and businesses had access to fast broadband – even as demand continued to reach new heights.

Our $150 million relied and assistance package​To help providers support their customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we established as $150 million financial relief and assistance fund.

This fund helped providers connect low-income households, support emergency and essential services, as well as assisted small and medium-sized business and residential customers facing financial hardship.

Focus on capacity

To help alleviate the congestion that comes with increases in traffic, in March we announced that nbn was offering eligible Australian providers a credit to offset increases in certain wholesale capacity charges due to increased network capacity requirements of up to 40 per cent (where available, depending on the access technology), and required to meet COVID-19 demand. This offer has been extended until 19 August 2020.

We’re still on the ground

The health and safety of our team members and customers continues to be our top priority as we connect new premises and respond to network maintenance and faukt repairs. Our technicians will remain mobile, and work with providers to troubleshoot customer issues, as long as it remains safe to do so. We’re still connecting buildings and partnering with building managers.

How you can help your residents and tenants

Our ‘nbn is here’ poster are available now and can make a big difference when informing residents and tenants about the availability of the network in your building. If the nbn network is available in your building, make sure you order your physical copies of the posters to let residents know nbn is available at the premises. To order posters for your building, please email and include your name, postal address and the number of poster required.

To find out more, please visit our website of read about our ongoing response to

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