Communicating with your Strata Manager

This Guideline has been developed for Residents living in Strata Properties.


In the interest of each party’s well-being and mental health, and in order to help prioritise your matter so that it can be attended to as quickly and efficiently as possible, SCA endorses this Communications Guideline.


Strata Managers will often manage up to 60 schemes, comprising hundreds of owners, tenants and other service personnel which can generate over 300 emails daily. Your email is important to your Strata Manager and they will respond, however, each day they encounter emergencies and these matters will always be given priority

It is useful to remember all strata decisions are made by the elected Council of the Strata Company and not independently by your Strata Manager.

Strata Managers carry out the decisions of the Council, and deal with the administration ie paying bills, tax, sending out work orders and communications. After receiving your detailed email, your Strata Manager is likely to liaise with the Council for approval before further action can be taken.

Your Strata Manager will always try and resolve all matters as quickly as possible for you but will prioritise the hundreds of emails they receive, based on urgency.

Helpful and Recommended Email Protocol

The email Subject Line should have

1. Strata Plan Number + Address

2. Problem or issue

3. Urgency Level (Emergency, Urgent or Non-Urgent) Examples of email subject lines

SP1234 – 2 Jones St, Bakertown – exposed electrical broken CP light – Emergency

SP3456 – 7 Jane St, Fredville – Insurance renewal due 22 Aug 2021 – Urgent

SP2345 – 28 Smith St, Burgerville – Trimming trees at front – Non-Urgent

Email Content

1. Problem What the problem or issue is + include photos and location

2. Action The response or action that you would like, include access details

3. Time Likely timeframe

(Emergency – telephone is better; Urgent – 2 days, Non-urgent – 7 days)

4. Review to ensure no bullying, harassment or defamation

Example – Urgent email:

SP513xx – 44 James St, Avalon – Water Leak on Common Property – Urgent

Dear Strata Manager,

On Sunday afternoon 3pm I returned to the complex and noticed a steady stream of water coming from pipe work in the garage – see attached photo.

It was not there when we left at 11am. I remember this leak being attended to last month. Can you please arrange for the same plumber to attend if possible?

I can be contacted on xxxx and I can show the plumber the location of the leak.

Kind regards

Example – Non-Urgent email:

SP 513xx – 44 James St, Avalon – Nuisance Parking Not Urgent

Dear Strata Manager

On Saturday evening 9pm I noticed a car parked in the carwash bay – see attached photo.

It was not there at 6pm. I do not recognise the car, and

put a note on the windscreen asking for it to be moved. This morning (Monday) I noticed the car had not moved when I went to work.

Are you able to please put out an email/text to the residents asking they move the car and reminding them not to park in the carwash bay.

Kind regards 

Helpful Tips

The above protocols can be used during phone calls to help all parties get to the heart of the issues or problems.

Your Strata Manager is here to help and appreciates your patience when dealing with your concern that has been raised, thank you!

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