What is a Certified Strata Cleaning Company?

What is a Certified Strata Cleaning Company?

A certified strata cleaning company is specialised in all aspects of Strata Cleaning. All employers are required to provide training in how to handle chemicals before an employee begins working with them. This ensures the safety and better management of any public properties and assets. This management style, adopted worldwide, offers convenience to the tenant, and allows building management to easily oversee the needs of the property.

Why is it important to hire a certified Strata Cleaning Company?

Health and Safety is one important reason why people hire certified Strata Cleaning Providers. Common spaces are more used and therefore get dirty quicker. If these spaces are not cleaned frequently this can have an impact on people’s health. The incorrect use of chemicals in common areas can be hazardous to children, adults, and pet’s well-being. Ingesting these chemicals can lead to poisoning and touching them without PPE can result in real danger.

Professional cleaning is another reason why it’s important to hire a Specialised Strata Cleaning Service Provider. To ensure the best cleaning for your building, strata cleaning is essential as the provider can offer environmentally safe cleaning products and a professional cleaning and repair service. Nonspecialised strata cleanings can potentially damage your essential building equipment.

Environmental Care is also another important reason why choosing to hire a Specialised Strata Cleaning Service provider is the way to go. Apart from all staff being fully trained in how to handle cleaning chemicals the type of cleaning chemical used also plays a big part. Specialised Strata Cleaning Service Providers use clean green products which are safer to the environment and all scheme owners.

COVID-19 Changes

As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, the strata cleaning sector is busier than ever. Professional Strata Cleaning Providers have revealed that there has been a surging demand for extra cleaning and sanitisation in strata buildings, in particular Enhanced Touch Point Cleaning. As more people work from home there has been an increased demand for extra cleaning and disinfection jobs in strata complexes due to the increased usage of common areas. This includes a rapid increase in touch point areas of buildings such as bin areas, entry and exit doors, lifts, and stairways just to name a few. These touch point cleans are important to avoid a second wave of spread.

Fast Fact

A large title in NSW with over 500 lots and 2500 people living in the complex, has increased FAST’s services since the start of the pandemic. In fact, no COVID-19 cases have been reported or identified at this specific property. FAST is immensely proud to be pioneering with enhanced cleaning procedures and working alongside the Australian Government and Health advisers following procedures and recommendations by specialists.

Cost Affect

It’s a reality with the new demand many Schemes face a difficult financial impact. However, many companies like FAST are working closely not only to keep employees safe using the right PPE but as well changing chemicals for hospital grade disinfectant at no extra cost to the building. An increase on cleaning time may be needed to ensure the right thing is done by the stakeholders considering COVID-19.

Our Commitment to you

At Fast Facilities Property Services, we can provide all this and more. Our skilled cleaners ensure the services we provide not only adds value to your property but also creates harmony between the residents, tenants, and stakeholders. We believe that everyone should be entitled to a clean and safe living environment. FAST strives for excellence and will dedicate expert resources and time to its client sites wholeheartedly.

We are a member of the Strata Community Association (NSW) as well as CM3 and BSCAA certified and qualified with the following third-party accredited management systems. Our integrated and certified management system encompasses quality, environmental, and workplace health and safety. It is maintained to these international certification Standards:

• ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems

• ISO 14001: 2004 Environment Management Systems

• AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Our processes are focused on achieving best-practice HSEQ (Health & Safety, Environment and Quality) standards, as well as any other priorities of our customers. The system is structured to enable us to manage all the relevant actions required to ensure clients receive exceptional and compliant Strata Cleaning Services. Meanwhile satisfying all contractual and legislative requirements.

At FAST, we take the responsibility of reducing our impact on health and the environment very seriously, adopting sustainable cleaning habits and methods. It is essential to our core business to maintain health and hygiene standards and protect our shared future.

Good environmental practice is good business which is why all staff employed by FAST receive extensive training in the company’s environmental system. Our preferred procurement strategy is to use local suppliers, contractors, materials, and resources whenever possible. By sourcing locally, we can reduce our carbon footprint in terms of transportation whilst also supporting local communities.

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