As we progress beyond the midway point of the year, SCA (SA/NT) remains committed to driving forward its efforts in the areas policy and advocacy, building upon the strong industry progress made since the onset of 2022 to continue to strive positive outcomes all strata stakeholders.

In the months following the election of the Malinauskas government in South Australia, a central priority of SCA (SA/NT)’s advocacy efforts has been to foster strong relationships with MP’s in the newly elected cabinet.

A new government brings shifting portfolios, which affords SCA (SA/NT) with new opportunities to push the agenda forward on the core needs of the body corporate and community title management industry in the state.

In particular, SCA (SA/NT) has been focused on the issue of rectification of dangerous ACP cladding, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to improving the ongoing reformatory response. The SCA (SA/NT) Cladding Taskforce continues to push for greater financial and administrative assistance from the Government, to ensure that strata residents that are exposed to risk are safe, and that the potential for disaster is mitigated against. SCA (SA/NT) is ensuring that all relevant government representatives are briefed on the issue, importantly including Nick Champion MP, the newly elected Minister for Housing and Urban Development as well as the Minister for Planning.

Looking forward, SCA (SA/NT) is similarly concerned with the issue of insurers providing strata and community title insurance that doesn’t fully comply with legislation. This may result in financial and legal distress for consumers who may believe they are comprehensively covered, and are not.  

SCA (SC/NT) Is continuing to engage with representative bodies and stakeholders in the insurance industry with the goal of ensuring that consumers obtain adequate insurance coverage, and are protected in the event of requiring a claim to be made.

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