SCA (NSW) President Report 2022

Stephen Brell
SCA (NSW) President

In the wake of my first financial year as SCA (NSW) President, the resilience of our sector has never been more apparent. 

We managed to see some incredibly positive changes happen to strata in NSW in the face of some unrelenting challenges, the effects of which continue to permeate across the entire country.   

More than ever, the critical role of the strata manager is becoming more and more apparent, as the ongoing growth of our sector brings both additional responsibilities, and the exciting potential for the gratifying development of our profession.

This year, the team at SCA (NSW) has made a concerted effort to drive our policy and advocacy agenda further than ever before. 

As a peak industry body, it is imperative that SCA (NSW) is an active contributor to the legislative reform process. This allows us as an organisation to ensure that the laws that govern and affect strata in NSW sufficiently address the issues that arise around the rapidly expanding sector and are adequately reflecting the needs of all strata industry stakeholders. 

Our determination to lead the way for professionalism has not waned in the meantime, as the property industry’s highest form of consumer protection regulation approved by the government enjoys ongoing success, through the Professional Standards Scheme (PSS).

We have remained resolutely committed to ensuring the perpetuation of high professional standards across the strata industry in NSW and will continue to set the standard for strata education, training and conduct, leading the way towards strengthened consumer protectionism and the restoration of consumer confidence in NSW. 

In light of a tumultuous time surrounding the NSW Government, which has seen the shifting of many roles related to the property sector, SCA (NSW) has made it a priority to maintain collaboration with both the NSW Government and industry alike. This allows us to ensure that the constructive relationships we have worked hard to build are sustained, and that the strata industry remains at the forefront of innovation and development. 

SCA (NSW) is looking forward to sustaining an ongoing, positive relationship with the NSW Government, to ensure that the integrity and progression of the industry maintains its course.

Some of the highlights of SCA (NSW)’s ongoing collaboration with the NSW Government includes:

  • Digital Strata Hub – SCA (NSW) worked closely alongside NSW Fair Trading for many months, to ensure the platform was implemented as smoothly and with as minimal issues as possible. Although the functionality of the platform is still in its early stages, we are enthusiastic about the potential utility that the platform may provide in the future.
  • Building Defects – Defects in strata is one of the foundational issues that we continue to strive to resolve. Our devotion to this issue is shared with NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler, who we have long maintained a strong relationship with. This year, our work with the Office of the Building Commissioner (OBC) included the first ever Building Defect Data Survey completed by SCA Members, the successful implementation of Project Remediate (interest free loans to replace dangerous Combustible Cladding), the introduction of Project Intervene (Intervention by the OBC to pursue defects in schemes still under statutory warranty), and the introduction of the iCert Rating System for Builders and Developers.
  • Property Services Commissioner – We have worked extremely closely with the newly appointed Property Services Commissioner, John Minns, who understands the importance that the strata sector will play in the next 20 years as Strata Living becomes the dominant form of housing NSW residents.
  • Legislative Contributions – Our significant contributions to the strata legislative landscape in NSW over the past year have involved consultation for, and submission to a number of reviews, notably including, the Statutory Review of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015,  COVID-19 regulations in strata, the NSW Home Building Compensation Scheme, Property and Stock Agents Legislation, and Conveyancing Regulation. 

I would like to extend a tremendous thank you to all our members, for your unrelenting commitment to the advancement of strata in NSW.

We are proud to say that the strata sector in NSW leads the way for the rest of the nation, establishing a preeminent standard for the potential that the strata industry has to offer. This is a feat that wouldn’t be possible without the passion and drive that you all have continued to embody. 

I would also like to thank the SCA (NSW) board for their ongoing support, fundamentally shaping the direction of our ever-expanding industry for the better. 

Our team at SCA (NSW), led by General Manager, Sadiye Ince, are working tirelessly to ensure that we are best positioned tackle the challenges that our industry faces, and we are overwhelmingly excited to carry on this momentum and energy into future endeavours. 

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