SA State Recap – Autumn 2020

Well… interesting and rapidly changing times… unprecedented… uncharted…

This last quarter has really been very much consumed with all companies scrambling to adapt, to respond, to advise and, when we can, to be on the front foot together. I really want to acknowledge the great work that the members have done and the unique ways we have worked together to show all clients about how essential we are to the communities.

I have had many phone calls and email exchanges with principals, managers and suppliers with ideas and confirmations on what you are doing to be agile and efficient in the way you are conducting business and servicing your clients.

As we each respond to the everchanging environment, we grow the industry stronger and closer.

We Are 1.421 Million KM2 Bigger

Welcome to the Northern Territory! It is exciting time ahead as we join our chapters together! We look forward to what this will bring to members as we explore the synergy, we have together we look forward to event bridging from the north to the south. Watch this space!

Government Interactions

We have been able to continue to chip away at our advocacy efforts with the government show that the industry is prepared to take actions to assist in engaging communities, disbursing critical information amongst constituents and proving that the SCA is ready and willing to work with the government directly to improve our industry.


We look forward to evolving this in the future. 

Mental Health

I call on every member to have mental health at the forefront of companies.

Whilst we move quickly to ensure we set up a business as normal approach, we often work and stress a lot more. It is imperative that we self-care in this time. Whilst the commute to the “Office” for many people involves walking 5 steps from their bedroom to home office is convenient, we need to be aware that this can lead to an unintentional burn out and being unable to “switch off from work”.

I encourage you to:

Set up routine and structure for your workday — create boundaries between ‘work time’ and ‘home time’

Try a digital detox in the evenings

Try and get outside at least once a day (keeping social distance of course!) and go for a walk alone, without others from your home, this will give you some self-care time.

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