SA/NT State Recap – Summer 20/21

It certainly was a year!

We have all had to evaluate many things in our lives in particular how we work, what allows a business to thrive in the face of any external factor.

Well put simply it is people, people’s commitment, training and ingenuity which has proved to be the greatest strength to our businesses.

It actually is an excellent time that we acknowledge how we faced the challenge of becoming agile and effective in providing an excellent service to our industry.

With the need to appreciate a rapid change into the unknown earlier this year, and to be leaders and guiders in the way our respective clients required to live and work, I am pleased that you all were ready to adapt and assist these communities.

It then became apparent that our State and local industry was not impacted as much as other states, and we can thank all communities for doing their part in that.

Simple efforts in closing community areas and taking meetings online enabled our industry to make a significant impact to the local communities and state

I continue to hear stories of communities assisting neighbours and building on a culture of support and assistance.

The one common factor that is tied to all these stories is how you as a Body Corporate Manager and firms assisted and showed great leadership direction in the circumstances.

Now when we look at 2020 in a different standing, it shows how far your reach and influence truly is in these communities and state.

As many of you know this year we merged with the Northern Territory Chapter, so we are now SCA (SA/NT), this merger marks an exciting new era for the association and our members with much more to come in 2021.

I’d also like to acknowledge all the board and sponsors this year; your support and commitment has allowed us to continue to press into the industry during this time.

It is always good to reflect on what has, is and will come, so I leave you with some thinking points to ask yourself.

• What went well this year? 

• What didn’t go as planned? 

• What am I leaving in 2020? 

• What am I bringing into 2021?

Good luck for the new year, and thank you.

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