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SCA (NSW) has hit the ground running in the policy and advocacy space in 2022, picking up on some of the big projects we drove last year and initiating several more that will drive positive change in the industry.

Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 and Strata Schemes Management Act 2015

A large part of SCA (NSW)’s attention so far this year has been directed towards the ongoing Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 and Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 statutory review process. These acts operate jointly as the legislative and regulatory frameworks that govern strata in NSW and by law must be reviewed every five years.

SCA (NSW), as the peak industry body for Strata and Community Title Management, has engaged closely with the NSW Government and NSW Fair Trading throughout this ongoing review process to not only ensure that the needs of our members are properly represented but to guide better outcomes for the strata industry and strata communities as a whole in the state.

As a part of this process, SCA (NSW) provided a detailed submission in the early months of 2021 outlining areas in need of reform. With the introduction of the NSW Government’s final report and subsequent recommendations in November 2021, we see positive changes coming as a direct result of SCA (NSW) advocacy.

The final step of the process is the introduction of these recommendations into legislation. Amongst the comprehensive feedback that SCA (NSW) has provided, the key issue areas that SCA (NSW) is focused on are:

  • The introduction of the Professional Standards Scheme (PSS) by SCA (NSW) highlights its potential to increase standards and professionalism in the strata management industry in NSW.
  • The extension of COVID-19 provisions throughout 2022 (like electronic voting measures), which have been positively introduced to safeguard strata communities and ensure both safety and operational efficiency.
  • Disclosure and transparency of remunerational models within the industry.
  • Reforming the legislation surrounding issues like embedded networks and arrears to protect and obtain better outcomes for consumers. 

As the year progresses, SCA (NSW) will continue to work with the NSW Government, advocating for effective changes and informing the introduction of legislative measures, with the overall goal of improving strata communities.

Strata Hub Scheme

As part of our communication with the NSW Government and NSW Fair Trading, SCA (NSW) has also been involved in overseeing and contributing feedback regarding the introduction of the NSW “Strata Hub” system, due to be implemented in the middle of this year.

SCA (NSW) is working with the Government’s Strata Hub team to ensure the best outcomes for not only end-users, but all stakeholders involved.

Recently, SCA (NSW) along with other industry professionals, provided feedback regarding a number of points of interest in the function of the system, including access to comprehensive payment options, privacy measures and protection of personal information, and integration of test versions of the hub to assure that consumer feedback is being heard.

Home Building Act Review

The Home Building Act (1989) is the legislation that regulates residential building development and disputes in NSW. This Act has also come up for review, and SCA (NSW) has been actively engaged in the consultation and feedback process to ensure that the legislation is still effectively protecting stakeholders in the industry. As an organisation, SCA (NSW) is concerned with rectifying issues such as consumer protection, developer competency, and risk mitigation, with the ultimate goal of combatting the high rates of defects commonplace in buildings throughout the state.

Development of the Home Building Act review is ongoing. As the year progresses, SCA (NSW) will be involved in attending roundtables with the NSW Government and other industry professionals to once again make sure that member and strata industry feedback is being heard and that the changes in the act result in positive outcomes for strata.

As we move forward throughout 2022, SCA (NSW) will continue to advocate in these areas and maintain its communication and messaging with the government and our members, and the strata industry, keeping everyone informed of our achievements as the year progresses.

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