President Report NSW (May 2022)

As we move towards the halfway point of this year, SCA (NSW) are ensuring we maintain a strong focus on our policy and advocacy work, continuing to engage with government representatives, stakeholders, and consumers and utilizing the core mechanisms of the policy and advocacy process to drive positive change within the NSW Strata industry.

Strata Hub

The NSW Strata Hub is nearing its final stages of implementation, with reporting due to commence on 30 June 2022. SCA (NSW) is working alongside the NSW Government to inform and support the industry, endeavouring to answer the many questions that arise as a result of such a significant shift in the landscape for Strata management. 

To that effect, SCA (NSW) President Stephen Brell, along with members of our Board of Directors have participated in hosting a series of webinars on our site. These webinars serve in providing key information related to the Strata Hub, with the support of Matt Press, Director, Office of the Building Commissioner, and Lachlan Mallock, Acting Director of Real Estate and Housing Policy in the Department of Customer Service. In conjunction with the webinars, SCA (NSW) has designed a comprehensive Strata Hub FAQ resource, to assist Owners Corporations and Strata Managers in their preparation for the introduction.

SCA (NSW) will maintain its support all relevant stakeholders, including throughout the launch of the pilot scheme and testing phase in late May, facilitating the trial for SCA (NSW) members who wish to participate. For more information and resources, please visit

Inspecting Defects with David Chandler

SCA (NSW), as the peak industry body for the Strata sector in New South Wales, has long maintained a strong relationship with the Office of the NSW Building Commissioner. This month, Stephen Brell was joined by NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler, to inspect defects in a building managed by one of our members.

We believe education is an essential requirement for Strata Committees and Owners Corporations in regard to the management of building defects within Strata communities. Strata Committees and Owners Corporations should understand the importance of reporting significant building defects to the Office of Fair Trading, as well as keeping an appropriate amount of money in a capital works fund to adequately maintain and repair common property.

Accordingly, SCA (NSW) will continue to set the standard for Strata education and training, leading the way towards better consumer outcomes for our members.

Co-branding Consumer Information with Government

SCA (NSW), due to our strong links as an industry leader, has committed to creating a series of co-branded, Strata informational resources in collaboration with the NSW State Government. The resources are to be developed with a consumer focus, to provide knowledge and direction within key areas of Strata living.

Keep an eye out on member updates for future developments, or check in on our site at

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