NSW Presidents Report (August 2022)

Stephen Brell – SCA (NSW) President

Over the past few months, the primary policy and advocacy focus for SCA (NSW) has been to contribute towards to the abundance of legislative reviews that are currently being undertaken in the state.

As a peak industry body, it is imperative that SCA (NSW) is an active contributor to the legislative reform process. This allows SCA (NSW) to ensure that the laws that govern and affect strata in NSW sufficiently address the issues that arise around the rapidly expanding sector, and adequately reflect the needs of all strata industry stakeholders.

SCA (NSW)’s recent contributions to the strata legislative landscape in NSW have involved consultation for, and submission to reviews including COVID-19 regulations in strata, the NSW Home Building Compensation Scheme, Property and Stock Agents Legislation, and Conveyancing Regulation.

As a result of a submission made to the Committee on Law and Safety’s review into Embedded Networks, SCA (NSW) President Stephen Brell was recently asked to appear before the Committee at NSW Parliament House. Stephen was afforded the opportunity to expand on the issues raised in our embedded networks submission, and inform the committee about the challenges facing everyday strata residents and managers on the ground. It is through mechanisms such as these that SCA (NSW) can continue to directly push for positive changes and better outcomes for the NSW strata landscape.

One such positive change to the NSW strata landscape is the introduction of the new digital strata hub, which has now gone live in the state. Although the functionality of the platform is still in its early stages, development is still ongoing. SCA (NSW) is enthusiastic about the potential utility that the platform may provide in the future, and will continue to work alongside NSW Fair Trading to ensure it is integrated as smoothly as possible.

In light of a tumultuous time surrounding the NSW Government, that has seen the shifting of many roles related to the property sector, SCA (NSW) has made it a priority to maintain collaboration with both the NSW Government and industry alike. This allows us to ensure that the constructive relationships we have worked hard to build are sustained, and that the strata industry remains at the forefront of innovation and development.

SCA (NSW) is particularly pleased to understand that both John Minns has been reinstated in his role as NSW Property Services Commissioner, and that NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler has rescinded his early resignation. This is excellent news for the integrity and progression of the property industry, and SCA (NSW) is looking forward to continuing an ongoing, positive relationship with both commissioners.

In that respect, on the 19th of August, SCA (NSW) hosted a joint roundtable with John Minns and the NSW Office of the Property Services Commissioner, focused on the future of strata living. The successful event brought together leaders from key strata stakeholder groups to collaborate on restoring consumer confidence, guide our action plan, and capitalise on the emerging opportunities in the industry. SCA (NSW) is excited to carry on this momentum, both into future events and our advocacy activities for the rest of the year and beyond.

As always, keep an eye out on SCA (NSW) member updates for future developments, or check in on our site at https://nsw.strata.community/.

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