No Time to Waste: As Strata Living Grows, So Do Innovative Solutions for Rubbish Collection and Processing

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges for residents of strata communities in Victoria today centres around the disposal of rubbish, recycling, and other waste items, particularly where the design or location of a building or complex may present challenges to accessibility and efficient waste management and collection practices.

With a growing proportion of Victorians living in or considering living in apartments and townhouses due to greater affordability and overall convenience afforded by strata living, the issue of restricted access and space constraints as it relates to waste management will always remain relevant, demanding bespoke solutions from industry.

Strata waste collection and management suppliers have responded to this challenge with unique and innovative solutions to this dilemma, especially where local councils cannot normally step in, or drive in, for that matter, to pick up the rubbish each week.

The proliferation of specialist equipment and services meets this issue head on, through the use of smaller collection trucks, dedicated bin loading systems and dedicated processing facilities, among other solutions, to divert more and more collected waste away from landfill where possible, while simultaneously offering optimal value for consumers.

The greater use of smaller collection vehicles with automatic transmission for maximum manoeuvrability alone, has proven successful time and again in beating the constraints posed by lacking space and accessibility to some multi-level and strata developments, such as narrow laneways, underground, multi-storey, and basement carparks.

These solutions have also provided a welcome benefit in the form of greater convenience to strata residents, by eliminating the hassle of placing bins at defined collection points, sometimes located further away from a building or complex.

As strata living increases in its popularity, so too will the growth in the use of specialised strata waste management services – at present, approximately 19-25 percent of Victorians live in strata-titled properties, and this is projected to increase to as much as 50 per cent by the year 2050.

Therefore, finding the right provider for your clients will be crucial in terms of providing cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable solutions to the unique conditions inherent to their building or complex; knowing exactly where to look will stand you in good stead to achieve these objectives.

Frank Cardamone – Managing Director
Waste Wise Environmental Pty Ltd

152 Mahoneys Road, Thomastown VIC 3074

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