How to Win and Retain More Sites

The Strata world has embraced an increase in competition as a result of the growing development sector, however, the ability to provide stand-out competitive advantages to win this business has remained stagnant, and we have all seen the price war that’s resulted. Follow these avenues to gain a competitive advantage for your site.

Engage Residents

Forget the days of paper noticeboards and manual bookings, give your strata company or site the edge with a resident engagement platform. This allows customers to easily communicate and interact using a mobile app, and staff members to manage sites online. With custom branding you can show clear justification as to why you are a market leader in engagement, proactive communication and customer service.

Capture Data

Using a digital engagement platform, you can easily collect and analyse data, providing your company with a high-level analytics overview showcasing how clients are interacting with the platforms. Use this data to preempt flight risk, gather feedback on new implementations, or simply understand the KPI performance of your staff when attending to digital maintenance reports.

Build Revenue Channels

Use these tools to deliver customised product and service offering to your clients such as insurance, utilities, concierge and more. Couple this with the ability to connect your trusted suppliers to your client base and you can capitalise on multiple revenue models built simply from connecting trusted resources to your clients.

Global Management

With a digital platform, you can communicate with select sites or your entire client base at once. To make the most of this, ensure you distribute company update newsletters, urgent alerts to a specific suburb of sites, managing income across your revenue models or invite your client base to a company education event.

With over 100,000 Strata, Community, Masterplan, and Student living customers, the ResVu Platform caters directly to management companies and property developers looking to drive business growth through high-quality customer service and proactive communication.

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