Home is where the reliable elevator is

If the past 18 months has taught us anything, it’s that life can be turned on its head in a flash.

Everyone expects their home to be a sanctuary – free from hazards and hassle. Naturally, there is always a challenge to meet this expectation. Throw in a multitude of new hygiene standards and health restrictions, it can be hard for residential building managers to keep up. Flexibility and adaptability must be front of mind, so that our lives can continue running as smoothly as possible amidst tumultuous turns of events. Elevators are no exception. Lifts are the backbone of residential buildings – the smooth flow of people in and out of their homes provides residents safety, security and unwavering convenience.

Connective technology provides a host of new ways to inform and inspire in our elevators. Maintenance request apps and in-car digital information screens help facilitate effective communication with residents remotely and in a timely manner, without interfering with the tenant’s space. Updates can be delivered through lift services and remote connected apps, giving strata managers as well as residents peace of mind.

A connected lift makes life easier in more ways than one. Built-in connectivity enables functions such as KONE’s 24/7 Connected Services to undertake cloud-connected predictive maintenance. This ensures continuous monitoring of performance and risk analysis of lifts meaning potential faults can be identified long before they become a problem, reducing service disruptions, downtime, and costs for major repairs.

When an elevator is working, users generally don’t mention it, but once it goes out of service it becomes a major pain point. With KONE 24/7 Connected Services, downtime is minimised. By making elevators significantly more reliable and safer, predictive maintenance is a real game-changer for residential buildings.

24/7 Connected Services provides full transparency, so strata managers can know how
equipment is working in real time, with automatic issue reporting saving time and keeping
you up to date and able to address residents’ questions.
With the added visibility of KONE Online, strata managers can tailor their maintenance
notification and reporting needs to the building, and stay up to date on the move with the
KONE Mobile smartphone app.

Home is where the reliable lift is. To find out more about how your residential building can
enhance its reliability and safety, visit KONE.COM.AU.

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