Congratulations to all the 2023 SCA (Qld) Awards for Excellence finalists and winners

President’s Award

Sponsored by Strata Community Association

Winner: Julie MacCarthy, Capitol Body Corporate Management

Essay Award

Sponsored by Commissioner Jane Wilson 

Winner: Stephanie Toft, Body Corporate Alliance 


Nathan Land, Smarter Communities

Tyson Pratt, Strata Influence 

Aleksandra Drapinska, Whittles

Support Team Member Award

Sponsored by Strata Community Insurance

Winner: Sunnie Thompson, Body Corporate Services Qld


Kayla Cunnington, Capitol Body Corporate Management

Zephyr Chang, Matthews Body Corporate Management

Tayla Goodwin, Capitol Body Corporate Management

Strata Community Manager Rising Star Award

Sponsored by Grace Lawyers

Winner: Kerry Hansen, Matthews Body Corporate Management


Sarah Levy, Strata Influence

Ben MacCarthy, Capitol Body Corporate Management

Aleksandra Drapinska, Whittles

Strata Community Manager Award

Sponsored by Buildcheck 

Winner: Kayleigh Mills, Body Corporate Services QLD


Keye Jackson, Whittles 

Alison Carling, Matthews Body Corporate Management

Elizabeth Sutton, Capitol Body Corporate Management

Senior Strata Community Manager Award

Sponsored by Altogether

Winner: Nicole Martinovic, Body Corporate Services Qld

High commendations: Kathryn Todd, Senior Strata Community Manager Award


Sean Waller, QBS Management 

Kathryn Todd, Capitol Body Corporate Management

Karen Baxter, Body Corporate Services

Strata Community Management Medium Business Award

Sponsored by Macquarie Bank

Winner: Pinnacle Strata


Matthews Body Corporate Management

John Gribbin Realty

Team Body Corporate

Strata Community Environmental & Engagement Award

Sponsored by CHU


The Noosa Lakes Resort Solar Revenue Project, Team Body Corporate

Strata Services Business Award

Sponsored by HPG Insurance & Maintenance Works

Winner: Grace Lawyers

High commendations: Altogether Group


HumEnergy Group

Altogether Group

Strata Energy Services

Strata Community Management Small Business Award

Sponsored by Body Corporate Brokers

Winner: Holmac Strata


Ace Body Corporate Gold Coast South

Strata Community Management Large Business Award

Sponsored by StrataMax

Winner: Ernst Body Corporate Management


Capitol Body Corporate Management

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