Concierge Services

A first for Canberra apartment buildings

Canberra residents in high-rise apartments can expect convenience to be delivered to their door with concierge services in three new apartment buildings, a trend that strata leaders predict will grow.

The peak strata body for apartments, units, townhouses and other strata titled property in the nation’s capital says demand for concierge services are indicative of people’s changing preferences towards convenience.

SCA (ACT) President Chris Miller says, “Convenience is a priority in people’s lives and services that meet this demand have surged in popularity. Food delivery, online shopping and grocery deliveries are a staple of modern living.

“For apartment residents, the front door has long been a barrier to these conveniences. The problem in strata is the last 100 metres to the customer.

“It was only a matter of time until residential complexes started to consider how to offer a hotel-style concierge to those behind the door.”

Concierge services will be available to residents in three new apartment buildings under construction in Canberra. These include The Capitol in Civic, The Foothills in Campbell and Sapphire on the Kingston Foreshore.

Mr Miller says, “People will pay for convenience and offering a concierge service is a smart move by property developers to make their developments more appealing to inner-city residents.

“A concierge service that receives deliveries is an obvious, narrow example of what they may facilitate. Dry cleaning, pet walking, car detailing – each of these services may life easier for busy professionals.

“With Canberra in the midst of an apartment boom, I predict concierge services will become not only common in Canberra, but in other capital cities. Apartment residents will no longer be limited because they live in strata.”

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