CEO’s Message – Summer 20/21

SCA National 3 Year Strategy 2021 – 2023

The unified, dominant voice of Strata in Australia & New Zealand

We are dedicated to strengthening the benefits of strata now, and for the future.

One building, one community at a time.

SCA National is delighted to be sharing our new three-year strategy from 2021 to 2023. We thank Jen from Outside Insights for her facilitation and thorough process to support us and force us to expand our thinking to grow our vision and build goals, so we become a stronger collaborative association.

Each component on the strategy contributes to this by aiming to:

1. Transform the professional reputation of Strata Management 

2. Transform the engagement with Members 

3. Move the Strata Community Association from the periphery to the centre of the Property Industry

This strategy has been developed around three principles:

1. Making it better to live in, work in, and manage strata 

2. Raising awareness of the issues facing strata in Australian and New Zealand 

3. Lifting the professionalism and profile of those working in the Strata Management Industry

Three core drivers:

• Profession Reputation 

• Industry Understanding 

• Industry Advancement

Our new mandate: 

• Certification and licensing of Qualified Strata Managers throughout Australia and New Zealand

Robust building quality code to protect Strata Owners from defects

Fair and robust insurance provision to all Strata Communities

We will endorse: 

• Qualified, experienced service providers that maintain and enhance strata communities

We disavow the unethical.

Our regions will work collaboratively to continue the momentum to be the loudest voice to create certainty and consistency, restitution and government action, ensure affordability and availability, and build stronger communities.

The new direction identified what we, at SCA, will do differently: 

• Define the Profession with training, CPD requirements and industry code of practice

• Embrace digital solutions to engage with and empower our members

• Create new value propositions for our Sponsors 

• Drive our advocacy agenda and, join with others on shared matters

• Move from push to participation in media and social media

• Craft a national awareness and education campaign program to define the Association in the eyes of the media, general public, the property industry and governments at all levels.

• Enable a National Team with the right people and resources

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