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For most people, returning home from a long day at work or a holiday away is something they look forward to. It’s their safe haven where they feel comfortable and relaxed, and expect everything to be in order, including a smooth elevator ride up to their floor with just the press of a button.

Most of the time, elevator modernisation is overlooked until something happens or a problem arises. But why wait for something to happen – which could only cause longer delays or even more cost. Stay one step ahead to ensure your residents are happy and safe and getting from A to B without any hassle.

KONE’s modernisation capabilities are endless. Whether it be replacing squeaky doors or connecting your elevator equipment to smart technology, you can create a whole new experience for your building. This means more than just an upgrade. It means enhanced safety for your residents, being sustainable and increasing your building’s value.

Adam Daly, Modernisation Director at KONE Australia and New Zealand, comments: “As global leaders in the elevator industry, our goal is to continually upgrade smart technologies, adding value to the lifecycle of any building with solutions such as KONE DX.”

“We understand the importance of providing a safe, comfortable and reliable service – and our current modernisation upgrades reflect our commitment to investing, innovating and improving the flow of urban life.”

By revitalising elevator equipment through modernisation, your residents have the opportunity to see first hand the key to future-proofing their building as well as staying ahead with time-tested equipment.

KONE DX Class elevators come with built-in connectivity, easily enabling functions like 24/7 Connected Services where you can be connected to your lifts all the time. Unlike your average elevator, KONE DX can even futureproof itself, as its cloud technology is able to learn from the data that is processed, so that services are improving and becoming more intelligent all the time.

With Al-powered preventive measures, you will be notified when your equipment needs examining, before it becomes a problem. This means enhanced safety measures for your residents and transparency of your equipment’s health.

KONE’s modernisation solutions are making sure you stay one step ahead of time-tested elevator equipment and keeping your residents moving. To find out more about KONE Modernisation, visit

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